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Rouchon Industries (RCHN) Joins AGORACOM With 7 Years of Revenue & Income Growth

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:01 PM on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Good afternoon to you all.  I am proud to welcome Rouchon Industries to AGORACOM. As always, assume I am horribly conflicted by the fact Rouchon is a client and do your own diligence. In the meantime,  I can tell you that Rouchon is one of the best non-resource companies we have discovered in 10 years.  World-class customers and a long track record of success speak for themselves. AGORACOM members are privileged to be the first to be invited to this coming out party, so I invite you to take a closer look at the information below and draw your own conclusions.

Beyond the data, prospective investors should also know that Company Chairman, Gabriel Rouchon, is by far the most thorough client I have ever dealt with.  His personal due diligence into potential IR firms culminated in a spreadsheet of different firms and traffic ranks that no other client has ever produced.  As such, if he’s willing to go to such great lengths to make the best IR decision possible, then I feel extremely confident in his abilities to make the best business decisions possible for Rouchon Industries.

The business highlights below serve to support my opinion – but do your own DD to make sure Rouchon is right for you.


Rouchon Industries Inc. RCHN:PINK

Doing business as…

“Swiftech is considered by many to be the founding father of the liquid cooling industry for personal computers.”

Why Invest In Swiftech? Real Products, Real Revenues, Real Performance

  • The Company has pioneered several groundbreaking technologies never used before in cooling personal computers.
  • Includes air, liquid and thermoelectric cooling devices
  • Industrial customers include many of the world’s largest IT chip makers
  • A major chip manufacturer has been Swiftech’s largest account since 2004
  • Retail customers include gamers and overclockers running their PC’s at high speeds
  • Operates a wholly-owned Chinese manufacturing subsidiary in China
  • Swiftech is successful and profitable
  • Only 22.5 million shares outstanding
  • Market Cap of < $1,000,000 gives investors opportunity to grow with Rouchon
  • Swiftech has increased revenues and profits for the last 10 years

Key Financial Highlights 9 Months Ending Sept 30, 2010 (unaudited).

  • Sales of $2,185,272
  • Gross Profit $730,936
  • Net income $99,951

The Market at a glance

According to a report published by Bcc research, the global market for thermal management hardware in the computer industry was approximately $3.8 billion in 2010 and will reach $5 billion by 2013, at a compound annual growth rate of 10.3%.

The Company at a glance

Rouchon Industries Inc., dba Swiftech® (OTC Pink symbol RCHN) is in the business of engineering, manufacturing, and distributing high performance thermal management devices for microprocessors and electronic components for the computer industry; this includes air, liquid, and thermoelectric cooling devices such as heatsinks, waterblocks, radiators, pumps, liquid cooling kits, and thermal tools. View the entire product lineup here.

Business Profile

Consumer oriented products account for approximately 70% of the company’s revenues, and industrial applications account for the balance. Swiftech’s consumer market space is primarily composed of do-it-yourself computer enthusiasts, gamers and overclockers, whereas its industrial market space is composed of leading IT industry chip makers. In the consumer products sector, retail and wholesale channels account for approximately 80% of Swiftech’s revenues and OEM channels account for the balance.

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