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Silver About To Explode As JP Morgan Cheats On COMEX Silver Deliveries?

Posted by AGORACOM at 5:56 AM on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

The following video caught the attention of a prominent investor I follow online, so I watched and it makes a lot of sense.  If so, we may be about to see a massive “melt-up” in silver prices and accompanying junior silver companies.  As you all know, I am extremely bullish on Oremex Resources and hold shares.

Watch the video, let me know what you think.  You can post to comments below, or members can post on our Silver HUB. If you’re not a member, you can still post using your Facebook account.

UPDATE: Great Article On Seeking Alpha Exposing The Fast-Tracked JP Morgan Vault Approval.

9 Responses to “Silver About To Explode As JP Morgan Cheats On COMEX Silver Deliveries?”

  1. AGORACOM says:

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  2. rinku says:

    i need tips in gold and silver can any one provide me

  3. Ronald Macdonald says:

    An official default will never happen.The Government will never allow it to happen.Instead look for many more upcoming examples of obfustication.The game is rigged from the tip of Obama’s head right down to the tippy toes of bankster’s lapdog Bernank.Regardless of the preceeding Silver will continue to move upwards albeit a much slower progression than you would see if in a free market environment where the fundamentals of supply and demand dictate price.Patience is the operative word here for Silver investors.There will come a time in the near future when this game of chicken perpretrated by JP and Co. will end very badly. .Im looking forward ever increasingly to that day of judgement.The payoff will be immense.The implicated bankster scum will be repudiated and it will be “off with their head”.

  4. AGORACOM says:

    Ganalene, thanks for chiming in. It is always good to have both sides of the story. Of course, we know and agree that metal / commodities don’t have to be delivered at the end of the month. Contracts just get rolled over.

    JPM is a lot different b/c they purportedly have a massive short position. As the Seeking Alpha story stated:

    “If a short seller must deliver a commodity, and the commodity is not readily available, there is no better way to buy extra time than to be able to deliver into its own vault. “

    Given the silver cloud that surrounds JPM, observers MUST become skeptical of the fact JPM was awarded a vault license
    almost overnight, avoiding the lengthy vetting process others must undergo. Why? Why did it happen in the middle of a major COMEX silver delivery month, during a massive worldwide silver short squeeze, at a time when physical silver is in severe shortage?

    You have to concede the likes of Sprott et al know what they’re talking about when they declare physical silver is almost non-existent.

    You put all of these factors together and the YouTube dude, Seeking Alpha writer and a plethora of other people suddenly don’t seem so crazy.

    Add in the fact the US Federal Reserve has broken every rule in the book to manipulate the markets and the JPM development is not a stretch.

    My 2 cents


  5. Ganalane says:

    Auuugh! This cr@p circulates every year or two (just like the one that Mars will be larger in the sky than the moon) , so frustrating! Comex trades CONTRACTS. You don’t have to deliver the metal! What about speculators buying and selling wheat and oil contracts? Does anyone think they have huge grain bins and oil tanks sitting outside their offices?
    Ummm, if this guy came to your door and wanted to be your financial advisor, would you send him off with your money, or just send him away? I can’t believe Agoracom allows this kind of video to be posted. Silver may go higher, maybe much higher, but not because of any default on Comex.

  6. Slappywhite says:

    How about giving credit to the guy who made the video? Some browsers don’t show YouTube data.

  7. madd says:

    I do believe you make excellent points.

    Here are some thoughts how much silver does China hold?
    If USA and China are at war for what ever reasons. Do you believe the USA will aid china in any way to increase the value of silver? Increasing the wealth of China. Didn’t think so!

    They will short silver, then buy it back cheap, covering themselves…

    Silver and Gold are different, but Gold holds the greatest value.

    Real Estate at 60% off even better.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I REALLY hope this guy is 1000% correct – everything points to truth, in what he says… Everybody – get ready – SILVER IS ABOUT TO TAKE OFF !!!

  9. joseph p bell says:

    Read this weeks newsweek to see KING KONG Warren Bouffett and his International cohorts go down the tube .. thank you for your presentation