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Embry Triple Digit Silver, Even HIGH Triple Digit Silver Possible Due To Quick Buck Greed

Posted by AGORACOM at 1:20 PM on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

12:30 PM …. TOP STORY … JOHN EMBRY … SKY ROCKETING SILVER “It is very easy to foresee triple digit silver … and it might be high triple digits before it is over”Read Full Interview … Discuss In Our Silver HUB

Looks like the silver pause is now over and we can all get back to business … Embry says triple digits is foreseeable and high triple is possible.

You could critique this call by saying Embry is just talking his book … and there would be some element of truth to that …. but the fact of the matter is that Embry and Sprott have been dead right about where global finance is today … a position that CNBC pundits would have dismissed as outrageous back in 2007.

Do I think its possible? Fundamentally, we all know the argument, so no point in rehasing … but the real X Factor is pure human greed. We saw it in dot-com, we saw it in real estate, we saw it in derivatives …. and there is no reason why we won’t see it in silver once the masses decide it is the next get rich quick vehicle.

When that day comes, I believe silver has a very good chance of going parabolic and trading out of whack with gold (i.e. 10:1 ratio) for the simple stupid reason that it is cheaper for Joe Public to buy and leverage silver.

We may be entering the profit opportunity of our lives.


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