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To America … Emigrate To Canada … Fast

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:04 PM on Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Move To Canada Before America Crashes and Burns

UPDATE (AUGUST 6TH) … This Post Was Originally Posted On July 27th … It Was A Big Hit … It Will Be An Even Bigger Hit Now That America Has Been Stripped Of It’s AAA Rating By S&P … See “1A” Added To The List Below.


I love my American friends, family and neighbors.  I’ve spent a lifetime defending them in heated conversations around the world with people who don’t share my affection for the land of the free …

… but my affection has a limit.  America is lost on so many levels. Reality TV, Wall Street thieves, divisive politics, poor getting poorer, senseless wars …. and now a complete loss of leadership as political leaders put agendas before the financial security of its citizens.

To My American Friends … This Is Not A Joke … Move To Canada. Many high-net worth associates of mine have been inquiring at local Canadian embassies about emigrating to Canada. You should to. Why?

1. Sound Finances. Yes, we have personal debt but it’s tied to real assets and reasonable ratios. Hence, why our banks are rated the safest in the world.

1A AAA RATED …. Canada Is AAA Rated (see here) … America Is Not

2. Universal Health Care – you won’t lose your house because you can’t pay your medical bills

3. Low Low Low crime rate

4. Most similar culture to the USA on the planet

5. Rich in natural resources to feed a growing planet for the next 100 years

6. We love the NFL and NBA … MLB not so much

7. Great beer

8. We’re cool with different cultures

9. Our media isn’t controlled by people that want to keep us in constant fear

10. Our politics aren’t driven by rich, self-interested, divisive politicians

Hope to see you here.


13 Responses to “To America … Emigrate To Canada … Fast”

  1. AGORACOM says:

    Good evening, Max and thanks for chiming in. Let’s remember that I started off my post with:

    “I love my American friends, family and neighbors. I’ve spent a lifetime defending them in heated conversations around the world with people who don’t share my affection for the land of the free …”

    Clearly, I’m not looking to agitate Americans. Moreover, I don’t portray Canada as some kind of perfect oasis.

    As a true friend, however, I think it is my place to speak truthfully about my friend’s deteriorating state of affairs. America is deteriorating and now, it’s leadership has fallen apart along with it. Don’t take my word for it, look at the words of S&P in its official statement, as well as, the words of otherwise economic allies from around the world. If you don’t believe it, I salute you for it is your right to have your own opinion.

    With respect to the role of Canada in Afghanistan and WWII, you need to check your history. Canadians have been nothing less than warriors on both fronts. Furthermore, as peace keepers deployed to defend humanity in Rwanda and other non-oil producing nations is second to none. Check your facts.

    With respect to Iraq, as with most other NATO allies, we didn’t join what we all now know to have been a farcical war.

    Canada is for more democratic than the USA has been in a decade. We don’t grant free speech only on this side of the line in the sand. The Tea Party may try to brainwash you into thinking we’re socialists because we provide universal health care (gasp!) but talk to me about the humanity of US citizens dying without insurance or going bankrupt b/c the insurance ran out.

    I love America and all of my friend and family within it. It would give me great pleasure to see the country restored to its WWII glory. But, as a good friend, it is my job to also tell you that won’t happen until the current Washington/ White House virus has been eradicated from your country.

    Until then, your neighbors to the North would love to have you.


  2. max petrisek says:

    George, I’ve gone back and read all of your article. Hag on, I’m not on my way to Canada “as many? of your “high net worth associates.” I sure as hell stand by my previous statements also. I’m now going over to visit the many I know that have migrated from Canada to the “good ol” USA. Is Quebec still planning a session?to

  3. max petrisek says:

    George, Perhaps we all have our weak moments. Your article was one of your we
    weakest moment. “Americans, Emigrate to Canada” – I could not finish the article. Being patriotic is one thing being an agitator of other nationals is not part of Agoracom’s history. Sure USA is having it’s problem’s as you stated but it’s not such that many USA folks migrate to another country. Where do most of the Canadians athletes play pro hockey???Did the USA do right in getting “Ben Laden or should the Canadians have done it?? Should Canada support as many impoverished nations or just pitch in ?? Where the hell was the blood of young Canadians in Iraq or Afghan or NATO or even in WW2- which perhaps are all “Wars of Choice.” The number of “Americans” migrating is not not nor will it be many as you imply. George how much time did you spend defending humanity in foreign lands? You have demeaned yourself and not just to Americans- or is Canada not “American.” Is Canada a democracy, or a socialistic country feeding of exports of it’s national resources? Get the chip off the Canada shoulder and stick to making money off Americans supporting your site! Your not even typical of Canadians.

  4. AGORACOM says:

    Joe, glad to hear you have been considering Canada. I’ve never heard about an $800,000 threshold and that sounds far too high to me. As I told Alex above, get yourself to a Canadian embassy and start the process of inquiring.

    Please let us know what you find out.


  5. AGORACOM says:

    Alex, thanks for chiming in. I’m no expert on Canadian emigration policies but I can tell you we’re very immigration friendly. Best thing to do is get yourself to a Canadian Embassy ASAP and start inquiring.

    Hope to see you here soon!


  6. AGORACOM says:

    Pete, thanks for chiming in. I do agree that a bigger game is being played here by wealthy that are fleecing the world … I just don’t think the entire planet is doomed, just the USA.


  7. Pete says:

    I am a Canadian and I believed it doesn’t matter where one lives because the current monetary system is doomed. With the engineered printing of fiat currencies globally, the world populace will be sent into destitution threw the hidden tax better known as inflation. The oligarchs of the world will see to it because planet earth isn’t big enough for us all so they are reserving a seat for their avarice fat butts. Depopulization is the name of the game.

  8. AG says:

    I agree with all your points. Have been investigating how to do it, but understand it is not so simple. Canada is one of a few countries I would consider such a move.
    US is doomed beyond any hope and politicians don’t really intend to repair current situation, just interested in kicking the can down the road until the next elections.

  9. Joe T says:

    I have thought about emigrating to Canada many times. But from what I have read, If you cannot invest 800,000 dollars in a business you cannot achieve citizenship. Is this true?

  10. AGORACOM says:

    Dave, you’re a fighter and a survivor … but you probably wouldn’t have made it in the US with all of those procedures without some deep pockets. Glad you’re on our side and alive!

  11. Dave says:

    I’m a 68-year-old Canadian who has had:
    . one eye removed (childhood accident)
    . three lithotripsy procedures
    . heart attack
    . gall bladder removal

    Doctor and hospital treatment for these – no out-of-pocket.
    Seniors get free drugs except for small deductions.
    Dental care is not covered. For this, we pay a little more in taxes than the usa.

    Our country pays much less per capita for health care than the usa.
    Bulk-buy savings achieved by a single payer make a huge difference. And health admin costs are much lower up here. No huge snakepit of insurance companies to fight! We get to choose our own doctors. We live longer than Americans and our infant mortality stats are better. Come on up – the water’s fine!

    America is the only leading western democracy without a public health care program.

  12. AGORACOM says:

    GM, thanks for chiming in. I have to disagree … more by degree than outright disagree. Specifically, I concede all politicians are self-interested but I don’t find Canadian politicians putting the company at peril time and time again in favour of their interests. American politicians have no qualms about rushing into war and financial calamity as this decade has proven to us. Canadians don’t come close.

    Health Care – 2 years is a huge exaggeration. I’ve had my mom and mother-in-law go through cancer without undue delay. True, it would have been faster in the US … but that assumes they had sufficient coverage. No citizen should have to face bankruptcy due to illness … that is just wickedly cruel.

    I stand by my list but I do concede there is some flexibility to it.


  13. GM says:

    All your points are correct except for:

    Our politics aren’t driven by rich, self-interested, divisive politicians

    Universal Health Care – IF YOU CAN WAIT FOR 2 YEARS TO BE TREATED.