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AGORACOM Small Cap Wire: $1,700 Gold; What To Watch Tonight; China Is Mad: QE3 Cometh

Posted by AGORACOM at 12:14 AM on Monday, August 8th, 2011


11:50 PM EST … GOLD HITS $1,700 AGORACOM Gold Prices Matrix

6:45 PM EST … Too Early For Meaningful Analysis … Just A Guessing Game … So Let’s Watch The Action For A Few Hours

What To Watch Tonight

Gold Is Up $37 … Hit $1,697 … Silver Flat

Analysis To Begin Later Tonight … In The Meantime …


Uh Oh, China Is Mad … Official Statement Blasts US, Calls For New Reserve Currency (Full Story) …George Says ..

  • Gold / Silver Set To Explode …
  • China Will Now Challenge GOP To Game Of Brinkmanship … China Will Win Twitter

GEORGE’S QE3 “DELAY” PREDICTION – We Predicted Political Delay, Damage and Data On March 30th,

TRIPLE DIGIT SILVER – Sprott and Citigroup Knew Something Was Up When They Made These Bold Predictions

1:1 Gold / Dow Ratio? See The 200 Year Chart And Discuss … This Article Continues To Be A Favourite Amongst Members

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