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VIDEO: Small-Cap Skype Interview – Donner Metals Talks $20M Financing And Zinc / Copper Mine Status

Posted by AGORACOM at 6:48 PM on Thursday, September 1st, 2011

I’m happy to present our latest installment of AGORACOM Via Satellite, a production in which we speak to management of small-cap companies that have just released important news to further discuss their developments for the benefit of shareholders and prospective investors.

The company we are talking with today is Donner Metals  (DON:TSXV) ( HUB) ( WEBSITE ) and our guest is Dave Patterson, Chairman of Donner Metals.  Given the number of times Patterson has appeared via video on AGORACOM over the last 18 months, It’s hard to argue with the fact that he is amongst the best small-cap executives when it comes to giving his shareholders and prospective investors in-depth corporate updates


This summer has provided extreme macro volatility stemming primarily from sovereign debt issues in both Europe and the USA.  As a result, small-cap companies across the board have taken a hit to their share prices as investors fled to safety, including cash.  Donner has been no exception but Dave is here to set the record straight and let the market know that a recently completed financing has the company on schedule to be in production by Q1 2013 along with partner, Xstrata Zinc.  Patterson believes the timing could not be better, as many major zinc mines will be coming off-line in and around the time Donner / Xstrata commence production.

If you believe in the future of base metals and their inevitable demand out of developing countries, then you should be continually conducting DD to find the next great small-cap base metals company.  This Skype interview will go a long way towards beginning your DD on Donner Metals.  So whether you’re a shareholder or prospective shareholder, grab your coffee, sit back and hit play.

Finally, as I have said all along, anytime an officer of a small-cap public company is willing to make himself available for a video interview about his company (let alone multiple interviews provided by Patterson), it sends me a strong signal about his confidence and outlook.  After all, this is Web 2.0 and Skype interviews posted on blogs, forums and YouTube don’t go away.

* DISCLOSURE – Donner Metals is not a client of AGORACOM; AGORACOM has not received any payment for this interview; Neither AGORACOM nor its principals own shares in Donner Metals … but I am personally considering making long-term purchases.


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