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Verisante: A TSX Venture Company With A Breakthrough Early Stage Cancer Detection System

Posted by AGORACOM at 4:39 PM on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011


Verisante provides TSX Venture investors with a breath of fresh air given the fact it doesn’t drill any holes.  Yes, Verisante is an AGORACOM advertiser but this doesn’t change the fact it has achieved some pretty great things in the important area of early cancer detection.  Nonetheless, as always, assume I am horribly conflicted and do your own due diligence, starting with this collection information provided by the company.

Company Highlights

• Detects melanoma with 100% accuracy vs. 33.8% for primary clinical diagnosis
• Developed by BC Cancer Agency and UBC
• Patented technology
• Exclusively licensed to Verisante Technology

Verisante is a medical device company committed to commercializing innovative systems for the early detection of cancer. The Verisante Aura™ for skin cancer detection and the Verisante Core™ series for lung, colon and cervical cancer detection utilize a proprietary cancer detection platform while the operating software and probe technology are unique to each device. The cancer detection platform was developed by the BC Cancer Agency and tested and refined on approximately 1,000 lesions at the Skin Care Centre at Vancouver General Hospital. This exclusive platform technology allows Verisante to develop and offer a range of compact, non-invasive cancer detection devices that offer physicians immediate results for many of the most common cancers.

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