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AGORACOM Welcomes Revolutionary Fuel Cell Power Technology Provider: Neah Power Systems (NPWZ: OTCQB)

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:37 AM on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

$50M+Invested into Neah Power Systems Technology

  • Intel Corporation, Novellus Systems, Four Tier 1 VCs, US Navy, NIST/ATP
  • Superior, differentiated, award winning technology (Popular Science, WTIA, MIT)
  • 12 patents + pending applications, trade secrets, know-how

Fuel Cell Benefits

  • Carbon neutral, widely available fuel – methanol
  • Low / no emissions – Convert fuel into electricity
  • 24/7 power – Mobile life via fuel replenishment
  • More environmentally friendly than batteries
  • Clean, renewable & environmentally safe


PowerChip – Silicon Based Fuel Cell

  • Targeted for unpredictable air quality environments
  • Defense, commercial and consumer applications
  • Adoption by Fortune 150 Defense supplier and commercial customers

PowerPlay – Low cost, polymer based fuel cell

  • Targeted for consumer oriented, predictable air quality environments
  • Product launch targeted for Spring 2013
  • Consumer company, and cell phone service provider interest

Neah Power Videos

About Neah Power Systems

Neah Power – How It Works

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