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AGORACOM Warned You – Facebook IR Will Fail You…Proof Is Now In

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:45 AM on Friday, April 11th, 2014

Good morning to our small-cap CEO’s and IRO’s, as well as all our new additions.  Every 2-4 weeks for the last 7 years, we’ve provide small-cap companies with “small-cap intelligence” – information that helps you make better decisions.

For those of you who are new to the list, we were very pleased to announce the following earlier this year:

AGORACOM Hits 37 Million Page Views, 4.4 Million Visits In 2013

AGORACOM Small-Cap Videos Break 500,000 Views, Dominate Search Engine Results

On March 17, 2011, AGORACOM made the following presentation at the Vancouver IR Conference to a packed house of CEO’s and IRO’s.  Yes, we can draw a good crowd wherever we present but this one was standing room only due to the subject of our presentation:

Why Facebook Investor Relations Will Fail You (click on link to watch the presentation)

In our presentation, we outlined several reasons for our warning that were summarized as follows:

But relying on Facebook as your primary online investor relations destination is a recipe for disaster.  Contrary to what Social Media IR Experts (aka “Pretenders”) will tell you, Facebook IR will fail you.

Today, after an overwhelming number of failed attempts by small-cap companies we unfortunately have the final nail in the coffin for both small and large cap companies via the following article from one of the leading online experts:

In short, Facebook has pulled a bait and switch on every brand / company that has worked hard over the last several years to build and communicate with their own fans/followers/investors via Facebook Fan Pages.  Specifically, Facebook now decides what messages your followers see when you post to your own Facebook page.

The result is that a very small percentage of your investors will now see the messages you post and expect them to see … UNLESS YOU PAY FACEBOOK A FEE

That’s not a typo.  It’s 100% true.  Despite all the effort companies may have put in to build their audience, Facebook is now going to limit your reach and make you pay to get full reach.  The result has driven and is going to drive away companies from Facebook:


Tech billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he is fed up with Facebook and will take his business elsewhere. He’s sick of getting hit with huge fees to send messages to his team’s fans and followers.

Two weeks ago Cuban tweeted out a screen grab of an offer he’d received from Facebook. The social network wanted to charge him $3,000

There it is folks.  Nothing comes for free and nothing is worse than a bait and switch.  There are some other strong reasons why we predicted Facebook IR will fail you in our presentation but this is the nail in the coffin.


I thank-you for reading and trust you found this information to be helpful.  If you’re ready to step into real and sustainable online investor relations for 2014 and beyond, please contact me below.


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Best Regards,

George Tsiolis, LL.B

Founder & President

AGORACOM Investor Relations

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