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Waking Up With Will Smith – Motivational Clips To Start Your Day

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:29 AM on Monday, July 21st, 2014

Some people may want to dismiss the following video because Will Smith is a rich, international superstar  … but that would be a grave mistake.  There was a day not long ago when he had unrealized dreams and no real plan to make them come true.  What differentiates Smith from 99.8% of the planet is that his dreams were already a fait accompli.  His dreams were already a reality, it was simply a matter of execution through belief, work, focus and overcoming fear.

More than anything though, what I hear loud and clear from Smith is he understands one thing loud and clear … the gift of life.  He was lucky enough to be born.  That’s the winning lottery ticket.  He’s simply cashing it in by living the life he chooses to live.  It is that simple.

I’ve often conveyed many of Smith’s lessons to my children, family and friends … but I know those lessons can carry more weight when coming from someone like Smith.  Not because he is famous … because he’s used those lessons better than most.  Even I get occasionally tired of hearing my own voice, so Smith is a great refresher for me as well.

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