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INVITATION: The Must See PDAC Event Of 2016 – World Premiere Of “Fire Starter” Extended Trailer

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:51 AM on Saturday, March 5th, 2016

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The PDAC is the Super Bowl of the global mining industry.  It is the event that brings together everyone from explorers to miners, bankers and – the most important of all – investors, for the purposes of trying to discover the next great resource project.

Let me save you some time and tell you what investors in The Ring Of Fire already know … The Next Great Resource Find Is Already Here.

The Ring Of Fire is is home to an estimated $60 billion worth of mineral deposits … and it’s sitting in Northern Ontario just 1.200 Kilometers from Toronto.  Everyone agrees that the economic benefits to the industry, Ontario, Canada and The First Nations would span the next 100 years.

… And Yet … neither the two highest levels of government (Provincial + Federal), nor Bay Street have been able to coordinate the necessary framework, funding and First Nations agreements necessary to move the Ring Of Fire forward.

Why?  Are the hurdles simply insurmountable?  Or are the powers that be just waiting for the only two active companies in the Ring Of Fire – KWG Resources and Noront Resources to choke out and take it all for themselves?

We went to find out … and what you are going to discover will astound you.

Executive Producer Jamie Bailey traveled all over Ontario and interviewed people at the highest levels of Government, Industry, First Nations and Environmental Protection to discover the truth and expose it for everyone to see.  For YOU to see.  This is Fire Starter.

With the impending release of the documentary expected towards the end of April, Jamie Bailey along with Producers Maureen O’Mahoney and George Tsiolis invite you to watch the world premiere of the 10 minute extended trailer at PDAC, the details of which you will find below.

If you are an investor, mining executive, member of the First Nations, or a service provider to the mining industry and attending PDAC 2016, then this is the MUST SEE PDAC EVENT OF 2016. We hope to see you there and we kindly ask that you share this invite with your networks via e-mail and social media.


We are pleased to invite you to watch this preview at an Open House at KWG Resources offices during the PDAC as follows:

From 12 noon until 5 pm on Monday March 7th, Tuesday March 8th and Wednesday March 9th.

On Monday March 7th, Executive Producer Jamie Bailey will attend between 12 noon and 2 pm to introduce the initial showing and participate in a Q&A session with attendees.

Please join us at:
Suite 420
141 Adelaide Street West
(Southwest corner of York and Adelaide)

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