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AGORACOM Launches Small Cap Marijuana and Cannabis Stocks Gateway For Investor Research $ $ $MCOA

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:04 AM on Thursday, December 15th, 2016

Good morning to you all.  As the Small Cap Marijuana and Cannbais industry emerges from the shadows of “PotCom” and races into Weed 2.0 at full speed, AGORACOM will once again establish itself as the starting point for investor research and moderated discussion.

We’ve already started the process by announcing the engagement of 3 leading small cap marijuana, cannabis and vaporizing clients. I strongly encourage investors to visit each one of these companies and discover why all of them are accomplishing great things in their respective fields.:

We’re now building on that foundation by launching the AGORACOM Small Cap Marijuana and Cannabis Stocks Gateway.  This is the research starting point for small cap marijuana stocks investors to begin their research.  We feel it is important to help investors given the fact that we have already seen – and expect to see many more – “pretenders” enter the space by simply issuing a press release about entering the “medical marijuana / cannabis” industry for no other reason than to get a quick bump in their share price.

Our gateway will only include real small cap medical marijuana, cannabis and related companies that are truly engaged in the business and have taken active steps towards it.

In addition, the gateway goes beyond being a simple list by actively updating itself with relevant content from the industry.

Within a few weeks, this initiative will grow even further with a bigger presence and even greater content but – in the meantime – we believe this is a great starting point to discover real small cap marijuana, cannabis and related stocks.

Click below to start your research and be sure to come back often!

Small Cap Marijuana Gateway

Start your small cap medical marijuana and cannabis research in the AGORACOM Small Cap Medical Marijuana Stocks Gateway

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