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EA and FIFA tease largest esports initiative to date with launch of FIFA 18 $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 10:52 AM on Monday, June 12th, 2017
  • Undoubtedly huge growth in FIFA as an esport
  • Whilst it’s still considered a “softer” esport by the masses
  • EA has resource aplenty and seem focused on fostering growth in the space

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, Electronia Arts (“EA”) teased a bigger and better esports initiative for the immensely popular football simulation title FIFA next year.

Credit: EA

Whilst we will ascertain a better understanding come summer, the initial details revealed by EA are as follows:

  • Official football league competitions – Players will have the opportunity to represent their favourite real-life club through official league competitions.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Cups– Open to all eligible players, this mass entry tournament starts with online matchmaking with top players qualifying for live events this winter and spring.
  • New FIFA Interactive Club World Cup – An All-Star tournament featuring players signed to clubs.
  • AND, top-tier competitive gaming organisations will help us deliver even more ways for players to compete at the highest levels.

This year we’ve undoubtedly seen huge growth in FIFA as an esport. Whilst it’s still considered a “softer” esport by the masses, EA has resource aplenty and seem focused on fostering growth in the space.

It’s undeniably one of the easiest games to grasp from an esports perspective and the recent regional finals was broadcast across a multitude of traditional broadcasting platforms as well as online. Whilst it may not always be the most compelling game from a spectator standpoint, it’s most definitely one of the easiest for a casual observer to grasp due there’s few people who don’t understand football.

Additionally, it remains the easiest entry point for football clubs into esports. There’s a plethora of teams across Europe and the world that have already picked up FIFA players and this trend looks only set to continue and grow as FIFA 18 ushers in even greater competition. Theoretically, once they’re in esports and see proof of concept there’s nothing to stop them branching out and expanding beyond the title which can only be good for the wider industry.

Esports Insider says: Oh EA, you big tease. It seems like FIFA will really have a focus on structured competition for next year and considering the growth this year it’s going to be a very interesting space to watch. We look forward to hearing more come this summer. 

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