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INTERVIEW: CardioComm Solutions $ Is Connecting Your Heart To The Cloud

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 12:09 PM on Thursday, February 21st, 2019

CardioComm is a leading global provider of consumer heart monitoring and ane electrocardiogram (aka “EKG”) solutions.  Their products are sold in over 20 countries and they’ve received numerous awards over the years.

So what does that mean?

If you’ve ever had to have your heart checked out, you know the experience involves going to a hospital / clinic and being hooked up to machines that make you look like you’re plugged into the matrix.  A technician takes a bunch of readings and a doctor tries to come up with a status of your heart’s condition.

PROBLEM 1:  It is a terribly outdated system.  You have to leave work.  The hospital / clinic has to buy & maintain a bunch of machines.  The process is very time consuming.  The entire problem also gets a lot worse if you don’t live near a major city with great hospitals, doctors and equipment.

PROBLEM 2: WORSE of all, if your heart is playing nice that day and isn’t showing signs of problems that have got your worried, you don’t get a proper diagnosis and / or you may have to come back again.

SOLUTION?  You guessed it >> CardioComm.  Thanks to the combination of your smartphone + an app and some tiny nodes to place on your chest, your heart can be monitored at length during normal activity to get you the best diagnosis possible.  The results are shot up to the cloud, where they are remotely analyzed by doctors / technicians that can then speak to you directly, or get you into a hospital ASAP.

This is the simplified version.  Now watch CEO Etienne Grima give you the deep dive in a way that will actually have you on the edge of your seat yearning for more.

If you love the transition of big existing things to digital, then you are going to love what CardioComm does.  Grab a cup of coffee and watch this.

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