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Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:42 PM on Monday, February 25th, 2019

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In Focus: Women and eSports

  • When modern eSports were introduced more than a decade ago, only a small number of people have realized that this specific form of competition and entertainment can break the boundaries of nationality, religion, and gender.
  • eSports is a trending activity which is practiced by thousands of people.
  • Also, millions of others are fans of eSports and they can’t wait to watch the most popular tournaments and single matches. With this specific form of competition, participants can improve team skills, learn more about leadership and have fun.

Wendy Stokes

Source: Tilt Report

eSports and Women: What can we expect?

In the past, many people viewed this activity as an exclusive all-male activity. But, the situation is not the same today when women have shown that they can be inspiring players and show that men and women are equal.

Young ladies are more visible in eSports today. While it’s true that only a small number of eSports pro players are female, their number is growing every year. What’s interesting is that we can see two trends related to eSports and women.

First of all, there are cases when women are part of eSports teams where most of the players are men. We have seen many women that were participating in teams like this which were part of popular tournaments. On the other hand, there are efforts to create special all-female leagues, competitions, and tournaments. This works similarly to women in regular sports. For instance, there’s NBA and there’s WNBA. Almost every sport has a female version and it looks like eSports is developing in this way too. As expected, the prize pools on these tournaments are significantly lower, but things are expected to change in the near future.


Many things suggest that eSports fans would like to see more females involved in this activity. For example, more people want to place bets on female eSports professionals. They are using websites like to find the best eSports betting websites where they can place bets related to female players. There’s something about multi-gender teams that make betting more interesting and fun. The same goes for the competition.

Furthermore, we should also mention that there are many TV channels and online streaming channels that are specialized in female players. They are following their performance which helps these players build stronger fan bases. Of course, many of these players have their own channels where they have thousands of followers.

What’s good to know is that female players are not focused on just one eSport. You can find female players in almost every eSport. For instance, Sasha Hostyn which is one of the most successful women in this area is playing StarCraft II. She has earned more than $200K in the last five years and she has an army of followers on Twitch (over 50,000). Also, Ricki Ortiz is another popular female eSports player who is focused on fighting games. Ricki has participated in more than 60 national and international tournaments.

Source: Business Insider

Even though most of the female players come from North America, there are successful women in the field of eSports from other countries too. Julia Kiran is a Swedish player who is playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and she’s good at it. She also has one of the most visited Twitch channels. China has a great female representative too and that’s Wang Xinyu aka BaiZe. She is playing many different games, but she is primarily focused on Hearthstone.

As you can see women are deeply involved in eSports activities and we can expect this trend to continue in the future.


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