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Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:54 AM on Monday, March 11th, 2019

I was introduced to a young man a couple of years ago who kept my secretary busy by phoning repeatedly asking for a short meeting to introduce his company. She said that he was so persistent that without confirming with me, she set a time for him and I to finally meet. That young man was Scott Purkis and the company was Agoracom. I would like now to take this opportunity to say a heart felt sincere thank you to Scott and the whole Agoracom team. Without the communication through the Agoracom system thousands in the retail investor community would have been left in the dark with respect to these recent Noront events. The people who write on the Agoracom site, are one fabulous group of loyal and faithful Noront followers. Their interacting with the Noront team has kept the interest of the project up front in the investor world.

In the past, minority shareholders did not have a voice against the much larger funds and shareholders, but you as a group became a force, an entity unto yourselves and indeed, a force to be reckoned with. You should all be very proud of all your efforts. No longer will the retail investors be the pawn in a chess game, there now lies the opportunity to make it to the other end of the board and become a King.

I would like everybody to believe in the R.O.F. as a real project with astronomical potential. I am sad that I will no longer be at the helm, However, times must change and new leadership is sometimes necessary for a company to reach the next phase.

After our press release issued earlier this week, I was amazed to receive so many wonderful letters and emails expressing good wishes for my future. Well, I’d like to let one and all know that such support is overwhelming, it certainly makes one feel very humble and I am very proud to have been part of the Agoracom HUB .

I have had success in the past and there is still many tomorrows to come with lots of drills waiting to discover the next big hole and I have many plans to keep exploring After today, I am going to take a much needed break. I think I will have a glass of wine, do some fishing and relax and come back with a vengeance, everybody get ready for round two. I’LL BE BACK

Thank you Scott and the Agoracom team and special thanks to all retail investors who have been so extremely supportive.

With more thanks than can be expressed

Richard Nemis

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