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INTERVIEW: #TSX Venture 50 Company PyroGenesis $ Announces Spin Out Of #3D Printing Division & Uplisting $LMT $RTN $NOC $UTX $ $ $SSYS $PRLB

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:35 PM on Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

PyroGenesis is one of Canada’s greatest small cap technology companies, with several successful divisions that are succeeding both globally and at the highest levels of business.  The common denominator for each of them is the company’s plasma torch technology.  For example, 2 US Aircraft Carriers (and 2 more on the way) have integrated Pyro’s plasma torch technology for environmental applications.  At $13 Billion per carrier now, one can only imagine the hyper-stringent hoops PyroGenesis had to pass – which puts their technology at the world class level.

In addition to other equally impressive applications, the company’s 3D printing (additive manufacturing) division has also achieved great success in the past year, culminating with a mutually exclusive partnership agreement with Aubert & Duval, a subsidiary of the ERAMET Group with 2017 sales of approximately $CDN 5.4 Billion and assets of approximately $CDN 4.9 billion.  For over 100 years, Aubert & Duval has been a world leader in industrializing high-performance steel, super alloy, aluminum and titanium alloys.  More specifically, they are a recognized supplier of metal powders for additive manufacturing, serving the Aerospace, Energy, Transport, Medical, Defense, Automotive and other large scale, demanding markets.

Just recently, for the second year in a row, the company was nominated for materials company of the year at the 3D printing awards.

Today, PyroGenesis announced the spinout of its 3D printing division in order to unlock value for shareholders and become more attractive to institutional investors that are strictly focused on 3D printing.  In addition, the company believes that uplisting will also make both the new company and the existing company more attractive to institutional investors that are precluded from investing on junior exchanges.

We were proud to sit down with CEO, Peter Pascali, and discuss all the benefits and implications of this major development.  Grab your favourite drink, sit back and watch this great interview! 

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