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CLIENT FEATURE: Star Navigation $ Providing Real-Time Patient Information and Flight Tracking

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:15 PM on Sunday, July 28th, 2019

Real-Time Flight Tracking Technology And Ruggedized Flat Panel displays



  • STAR-A.D.S. ® system installed on a major private operator in the Mid-East has been operating for more than one year now
    • Discussions are being finalized to expand the installation of the STAR solution of real-time monitoring to the rest of the customers’ fleet
  • Contract for 5 aircraft installations with a scheduled flights airline in Egypt has been implemented
  • First installation is scheduled for Fall 2019 as scheduling permits, with the balance of fleet installations to match the C-check schedule of the remaining aircraft in the fleet
  • Production of 27 STAR-A.D.S.® System units has commenced in order to meet ongoing requirements


  • STAR M.M.I.™ Division (displays), continues to service, repair and offer case-by case new unit build for legacy LCD panels for Lockheed Martin (P3 aircraft), Northrop Grumman, and Blue Aerospace. Star qualified for these activities as a stable, long-term and direct offsets (Industrial Regional Benefit “IRB”) provider to these main US based integrators
  • STAR-ISAMM™ and STAR-LSAMM™ systems have generated a rapid and growing interest in the North American market
  • Distribution and Sales agreement with AMS Heli Design has been signed, with the first contract covering 6 installations on EMS helicopters awaiting final approval by the end customer


  • STAR-ISAMM™ presentations have been made targeting Canadian Defense retrofit programs.
  • Star has received a high level of interest from the military industry and market segments.
  • Two applications have been submitted to the Federal and Provincial governments for Research and Development funding covering mid-2019 to end of 2021.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Star Navigation Systems Group Ltd. is an advertising client of AGORA Internet Relations Corp.

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