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Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:57 AM on Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

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Newzoo: 71% of esports fans only follow one game

By: Mike Minotti

Newzoo also identifies a large chunk of the esports audience that watch competition for games that they don’t even play. For example, 26% of those that follow League of Legends esports do not play it. “The lean-back consumption of esports content, coupled with fans’ attachment to teams and players, helps gravitate consumers toward franchises—even after they stop playing (temporarily or permanently),” Newzoo noted in a release sent to GamesBeat.

Overwatch has the most active audience. About 54% of the people who watch Overwatch esports games have played Blizzard’s shooter at some point in the last three months.

In the chart above, you can see how isolated the audiences for three of the biggest esports have become. Only 6% of those polled say they follow Overwatch, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


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