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INTERVIEW: “The Gold Standard Of Gold Research” Publisher, Ronnie Stoeferle, Appointed To Affinity Metals $ $ $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 9:36 AM on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

When the Wall Street Journal calls your Gold Report “The Gold Standard Of Gold Research”, it is safe to say you are a global influencer and expert in all things gold.

This is Ronnie Stoeferle, whose “In Gold We Trust” report has also been downloaded 1.8 million times in English, German and Mandarin in case anyone had any doubt as to his expertise.

Today, Ronnie became the founding member of the Affinity Metals (AFF:TSXV) Advisory Board, which implies that we can expect others to be appointed as well. Why would Ronnie join a company with a market cap under $5,000,000?  You’ll have to watch the interview to find out … but here are a couple of hints:

1.  Affinity Metals flagship project, the Regal, has reported HISTORICAL reserves of 590,703 tonnes grading 71.6 grams per tonne silver, 2.66 per cent lead, 1.26 per cent zinc, 1.1 per cent copper, 0.13 per cent tin and 0.015 per cent tungsten.  These were prepated prior to 43-101 standards and should not be relied upon until they are brought into compliance with 43-101 standards. 

2.  A Technical Report, which was prepared in 1971 using a silver price of $1.75 per troy ounce, makes a positive recommendation for production, including the establishment of a 500 ton per day concentrator with a 400 ton per day silver, lead and zinc circuit and a 100 ton per day tin, tungsten and copper circuit.

These are just 2 factors that led Ronnie to declare that Affnity Metals is “one of the largest investments in my private portfolio”.

Grab your favourite beverage, kick back and watch this great interview with both Ronnie and Affinity CEO, Rob Edwards.

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