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Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 3:27 PM on Thursday, November 14th, 2019
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Samsung-Backed TagHive Enters India To Digitise Public Schools With Edtech Device And Platform

  • TagHive has launched Class Sathi in two Madhya Pradesh districts
  • The startup was a part of Samsung’s C-lab incubator programme
  • TagHive aims to bring affordable digital learning to primary schools in rural India

In the Indian context, the education infrastructure and quality of learning has always come under scrutiny, especially due to concerns of outdated syllabi and teaching methods at the primary level in public schools.

Most edtech startups in India are looking to solve this by bringing learning to the mobile phone or PC, but that’s not always possible at schools in smaller towns and villages, which do not have the wherewithal to implement such high-tech solutions. That’s what TagHive is looking to overcome with its affordable edtech platform (device and software) for the Indian public and primary school market.

Suwon, South Korea-based TagHive has launched its flagship product Class Saathi in two districts of Madhya Pradesh. Tying up with the state government, TagHive’s Class Saathi mobile clicker solution and the companion app will be available across 13 schools in its two districts.

Founded in 2017 by IIT and Harvard alumni, Pankaj Agarwal, the startup for his innovation in the education segment has received funds from Samsung Ventures and Enlight Ventures. The startup was also incubated by Samsung’s internal C-Lab programme after the South Korean chaebol discovered Agarwal’s idea during his stint at the company.

Speaking to Inc42, the founder said that Samsung C-Lab supported TagHive with the necessary resources such as funding, workspace, technical support and culture-building through the incubation programme. “After 15 months of working on my idea at Samsung, it was chosen to be spun off as an independent company, TagHive. Samsung Ventures has put in seed capital of over INR 2.5 Cr,” Agarwal said.

The AI-powered classroom engagement solution Class Saathi aims to make tech-based learning accessible and affordable for schools in rural India with little or no infrastructural investments. The startup also aims to increase student participation and learning outcomes, while at the same time supporting and motivating teachers to improve their teaching methodology.

TagHive doesn’t just limit itself to teachers and students but also involves another key stakeholder in the education chain — the child’s parents. Agarwal said that this helps keep everyone in the loop about the student’s progress.


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