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#Instagram begins to hide retouched images – SPONSOR: Datametrex AI Limited $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 1:05 PM on Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

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Instagram begins to hide retouched images

With the desire to stop the images that convey fake news on its platform, Instagram is starting to hide pictures that have been artistically retouched.

In order to fight fake news, Instagram announced some new features last month. Like content considered offensive, Instagram now blurs images that convey false information. The social network further limits the scope of the suspicious publication and does not make it appear in the Explorer menu, or via hashtags. If the war on fake news starts with a good intention, it would seem that the algorithm of the social network works a little too well. Certain artistic photos retouched in a significant way have thus been assimilated to fake news and have been hidden on the social network.

As spotted PetaPixel , Toby Harriman, a photographer based in San Francisco, realized this while browsing his Instagram feed. He explains that he fell for the first time on the famous screen indicating that the hidden publication would be false information. Curious, the photographer still tried to click, before realizing that it was only a photo of a man from behind surrounded by mountains of all colors.

We understand the reason why Instagram considered that the image conveyed false information, since it was heavily retouched in order to change the color of the mountains. It is clear, however, that the author of the photo had an artistic approach here and did not seek to convey false information. Officially, Instagram recognizes that its fake news detection system uses “a combination of user feedback and technology” . The verified photo is then sent to independent fact-chekers, who determine whether the photo distorts reality. If so, Instagram will limit the scope of the post, and hide it from the users’ news feed.


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