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INTERVIEW: KABN Systems North America – A Fintech Platform Turning The Problem Of Online Privacy Into A Profit …. For You.

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 11:02 AM on Thursday, February 6th, 2020

For some reason, we all take online privacy and identity for granted.  In the real world, we have someone verify who we are at the airport, banks and even bars by presenting ourselves in person, along with documentation (passport, drivers license, etc.)

But online we just punch in our credit card + CVV number (that one on the back) to access or buy just about anything.  The problem, as we’ve long known, is the recipient of your info has no idea if its really you, or the waiter you gave your credit card to last night at dinner.

For decades, we’ve accepted it as a cost of the convenience of credit cards, which is built into the ridiculously high % rates charged by credit card companies.

That’s all about to change.  People and governments have figured out over the past couple of years (see FACEBOOK) that too many companies know too much about us and use it to fill their pockets with insane amounts of money …. while sharing nothing with us.

Legislation has already been enacted and more is coming that will force EVERY company to re-think their business models.  The free ride is over for them and just beginning for us.

Enter KABN.  Watch this from your device, or listen to it in your car, bus or dentist’s waiting room.  KABN is private but has already announced a proposed RTO.  

We’re banging the table on how things are going to change beyond recognition this decade.  KABN is one of the companies making it possible.


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