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AGORACOM – 5 Simple & Powerful Ways For Small Cap Companies To Use Social Media

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:21 PM on Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

If you are a small cap CEO, Director or Investor Relations Officer in North America, my 23 minute interview with James Black of the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) is the most important podcast you will listen to in 2020. Not because I am the guest but because of what I have to say.

Why does what I say matter? AGORACOM surpassed 600 million page views this year, we’re averaging over 4.5M views per month on Twitter and we’ve served over 300 clients. As such, the powerful information in this podcast comes from a deep understanding of both social media, why small cap companies are failing at it and what the serious implications are of that failure.

Make no mistake about it, this isn’t some generic social media discussion. James and I go deep and I hit hard because that is what good friends do. I’m sounding the alarm because of the massive implications if I don’t.

The good news is that, if you are not an AGORACOM client, you can turn this ship around but you have to do it now and that can only be done by understanding why small caps are failing today.

I suggest that your entire management team listens to it and discusses it. Then let’s have a call to discuss what can be done.

The beauty of this audio format is you can listen to it at work or in your car / subway to and from work. I’ve done the hard work presenting this powerful information, all you have to do is press play.

Thank-you and I look forward to discussing this with you and potentially working together in 2020. Our cashless and fully compliant shares for services program should make the decision an easy one.

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