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INTERVIEW: Datametrex $DM- The Small Cap #AI Company That NATO And Canadian Defence Are Using To Fight Fake News & Social Media Threats

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 7:00 PM on Sunday, March 15th, 2020

Until now, investor participation in Artificial Intelligence has been the domain of mega companies and those funded by Silicon Valley.  Small cap investors can finally consider participating in the great future of A.I. through Datametrex AI (DM: TSXV) (Soon To Be Nexaology) who has achieved the following over the past few months:

  • Q3 Revenues Of $1.6 million,  an increase of 186%
  • 9 Month Revenues Of $2.56M an increase of 37%
  • Repeat Contracts Of $1M and $600,000 With Korean Giant LOTTE   
  • $954,000 Contract With Canadian Department of Defence To Fight Social Media Election Meddling
  • Participation In NATO Research Task Group On Social Media Threat Detection 

When a small cap Artificial Intelligence company is successfully deploying its technology with military and conglomerates, smart investors have to take a closer look.   That look can begin with our latest interview of Datametrex CEO, Marshall Gunter, who talks to us about the use of the Company’s Artificial Intelligence to discover and eliminate US Presidential election meddling.  The fake news isn’t just targeting candidates specifically, it also targets wedge issues such as abortion cases now before the US Supreme Court and even the Coronavirus.   Watch this interview on one of your favourite screens or hit play and listen to the audio as you drive. 

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