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Mota Ventures $ Successful Immune Line Launch Signs Up Over 5,500 New Customers in 12 Days $ $GBLX $PFE $ $ $ $ $ $CGRW

Posted by AGORACOM at 5:06 PM on Friday, March 27th, 2020
  • Since March 14, 2020, Mota has acquired over 5,500 new customers
  • The product has yielded an average initial order value of $189.00 USD.

Mota Ventures Corp. (CSE:MOTA)(FSE:1WZ:GR)(OTCPINK:PEMTF) (the “Company” or “Mota“) is pleased to announce that since the launch of its Immune Support product line on March 14, 2020, the Company has acquired over 5,500 new customers seeking natural solutions to help support their family’s immune systems. The popularity of the primary product has yielded an average initial order value for immune support customers of $189.00 USD. Earlier this week the Company introduced an Immune CBD oil and Elderberry Gummies. The new Immune CBD product contains CBD, B3, B12, vitamin C and zinc and is made from 100% pure essential oils containing cinnamon leaf, lemon, clove bud, lime, eucalyptus, globulus, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint and oregano.

The Company has acquired over 50,000 new customer inquiries for Immune Support/CBD products since March 14, 2020. The Immune Support line is gaining interest from customers that historically were hesitant to purchase CBD, but are now interested in the Immune products and the potential anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. In addition, traditional brick-and-mortar stores have been affected due to social distancing requirements, driving consumers to purchase online from the safety of their homes.

“The Immune Support product launch has been the most successful product launch in the history of our First Class brand. E-Commerce is a fast-moving sector, especially during these very unique times we are facing today. Our ability as a company to quickly develop and launch new products to meet market demand is a testament to our expertise. I am very excited by the reception we have received to date for our Immune Line of products. I project demand for the line will continue through Q2 and be a significant driver to our growth for 2020,” stated Ryan Hoggan, CEO of the Company.

Additionally, the Company has entered into a 12 month programmatic digital advertising campaign with Native Ads, Inc. for a total cost of C$80,000; consisting of C$72,000 for digital advertising, paid distribution, and media buying over the campaign period and, C$8,000 for content creation, consulting, managed services and management fees over the course of the campaign period. Native Ads is a full-service advertising agency, that owns and operates a proprietary ad exchange with over 80 integrated SSPs (supply side platforms) resulting in access to 3-7 billion daily North American ad impressions. Neither Native Ads nor any of its directors and officers own any securities of the Company.

About Mota Ventures Corp.

Mota is seeking to become a vertically integrated global CBD brand. Its plan is to cultivate and extract CBD into high-quality value-added products from its Latin American operations and distribute it both domestically and internationally. Its existing operations in Colombia consist of a 2.5-hectare site that has optimal year-round growing conditions and access to all necessary infrastructure. Mota is looking to establish sales channels and a distribution network internationally through the acquisition of the Sativida and First Class CBD brands. Low cost production, coupled with international, direct to customer sales channels will provide the foundation for the success of Mota.


Ryan Hoggan
Chief Executive Officer

For further information, readers are encouraged to contact the President of the Company, Joel Shacker, at +604.423.4733 or by email at [email protected] or

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