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VIDEO: #Datametrex $ #AI Hired By US Government Agencies On #COVID19 / #Coronavirus Fake News and Disinformation

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 5:13 PM on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

When US Government Agencies call you in the middle of the greatest health and economic crisis in 100 years, it is safe to assume your Artificial Intelligence capabilities to detect fake news, disinformation campaigns and their impact is amongst the most respected in the world.  

You would expect such a company to be a tech giant or a Silicon Valley project.  But Datametrex AI (DM: TSXV) (Soon To Be Nexaology) is a great Canadian small cap technology company, that has also achieved the following as of late:

  • Q3 Revenues Of $1.6 million,  an increase of 186%
  • 9 Mont Revenues Of $2.56M an increase of 37%
  • Repeat Contracts Of $1M and $600,000 With Korean Giant LOTTE   
  • $954,000 Contract With Canadian Department of Defence To Fight Social Media Election Meddling
  • Participation In NATO Research Task Group On Social Media Threat Detection 
  • Becoming an affiliate member of the Carnegie Mellon University Center for IDeaS

When a small cap Artificial Intelligence company is successfully deploying its technology with military and conglomerates, smart investors have to take a closer look.  

That look can begin with our latest interview of Datametrex CEO, Marshall Gunter, who talks to us about the use of the Company’s Artificial Intelligence by US Government Agencies to detect misinformation campaigns against the United States by foreign entities.  

Watch this interview on one of your favourite screens or hit play and listen to the audio as you drive. 

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