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Cannabis Expo London 2020 – Experience the Europe Canna Expo SPONSOR: Mota Ventures $ $ $GBLX $PFE $ $ $ $ $ $CGRW

Posted by AGORACOM-Eric at 4:36 PM on Monday, April 6th, 2020

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With the current climate of social distancing and uncertainty, it’s no surprise that events have been forced to cancel or postpone left, right, and centre. Despite the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, some organisers are persevering with their plans – at least for the time being. One of those events is the Europe Canna Expo, set to take place in  London in July.

The Europe Canna Expo (ECE) is scheduled to make a return to London for a 2-day event on 26-27 July. Following the success of last year’s Europe CBD expo at the same location, the ECE will aim to bring together over 90 speakers and 125 exhibitors.

The Venue

The ECE is set to make a return to the London ExCel Centre in Canning Town East London. The event was held at the venue in July 2019, with an array of exhibitors and speakers. This year, the Europe Canna Expo is expected to be even bigger. However, uncertainty remains over the event.

The ExCel Centre is currently home to the temporary Nightingale hospital – the improvised care centre for victims of the Coronavirus. It remains unclear when the need for the venue will be over as the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown continues.

Exhibitors and Speakers

However, should the expo go on as planned, attendees will be spoilt for choice with speakers and professionals set to provide insights into the CBD, cannabinoid, and medical cannabis industries. In addition, the event will be present a huge number of exhibitors including a variety of manufacturers and businesses.

Speakers will include international experts showcasing senior-level insights and global scientific research in the CBD, cannabinoid and medical cannabis sectors. Organisers of the event expect that attendees will include consumers and businesses, as well as policymakers and press.

The event will provide an opportunity for global leading brands to showcase their products to thousands of attendees. From CBD drinks and chocolates to medicinal products, the Europe Canna Expo plans to present the most innovative international brands.

Event Schedule

The ECE organisers are yet to release a detailed schedule for the two-day cannabis expo. This may be due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus lockdown. For more information and up-to-date announcements, visit the ECE London website.

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