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Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 1:07 PM on Monday, April 20th, 2020
  • As COVID-19 spread around the world, its speed was surpassed only by the rapid transmission of misinformation.
  • betterU Ready-To-Go COVID-19 toolkit is available, free, to anyone with an internet-connected device. betterU is building and maintaining the content, and OttoLearn is providing free usage licenses

By: Pamela S. Hogle

In the wake of disruption to education, business, and leisure, threats to the health and lives of millions of people, betterU CEO Brad Loiselle knew he had to do something.

He needed a platform to deliver vetted, accurate information, including text and video resources, to users of all ages, anywhere in the world. It had to be mobile-first, and it had to be available in multiple languages. 

betterU had started working with OttoLearn in 2019 to create and distribute corporate training globally. That’s how Loiselle knew that OttoLearn was the right tool to get accurate information on COVID-19 into people’s hands, fast.

OttoLearn & betterU deliver free COVID-19 toolkit

Ottawa-based betterU is a multilingual digital learning powerhouse, with a library of educational and training content, Ready-To-Go, that comprises training for dozens of industries. With betterU customers and learners spanning the globe, Loiselle knew that his company was ideally positioned to make a difference.

In 2019, Loiselle had searched for a scalable platform to upskill millions of workers in India, in multiple languages. He needed to provide mobile eLearning without requiring complicated individual integrations for each customer.

Extensive research on eLearning platforms from vendors around the world led Loiselle to his own backyard — Winnipeg-based eLearning experts at Neovation Learning Solutions and their OttoLearn Agile Microlearning platform. OttoLearn’s mobile-first multilingual platform was a perfect fit for betterU’s needs. 

“I can say this confidently — it’s the most comprehensive resource toolkit that exists today. I haven’t seen anything out there so far that has brought together so many elements to support so many different people.” — betterU CEO Brad Loiselle

With OttoLearn’s rapid content building, it took Loiselle and a colleague only a week to create  a comprehensive COVID-19 toolkit.

The betterU Ready-To-Go COVID-19 toolkit is available, free, to anyone with an internet-connected device. betterU is building and maintaining the content, and OttoLearn is providing free usage licenses.

“I was thrilled to partner with Brad and betterU to quickly bring this vital resource to users globally — at their moment of greatest urgency.” — Neovation Learning Solutions CEO Dan Belhassen

Essential information at users’ fingertips

As of early April, the resource kit was already available in six languages, with 14 more in the works. Loiselle made sure the content was accessible to all users — the toolkit even includes video resources that feature sign-language interpretation.

“The great thing about [OttoLearn] is it has the ability to convert text-based information into different languages. It’s a huge advantage.” — betterU CEO Brad Loiselle

The COVID-19 toolkit covers multiple “tracks” or types of information, including:

  • Updates, charts, and directives from governmental and international organizations, such as the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, and country-by-country resources
  • Factual information about COVID-19, its spread, and its symptoms and self-care
  • Work-from-home resources, such as videoconferencing links and tutorials
  • Online learning and life-at-home resources, from exercise to guidance on avoiding feelings of isolation
  • Age-appropriate information and resources for children
  • Fun resources, ranging from songs to games and puzzles
  • A comprehensive collection of all Canadian resources, assistance, government aid, including resources for indigenous communities

Some of the resources are static, while other links update in real-time to ensure accurate and current information about COVID-19. Content includes text, links, maps and infographics, videos, games, and more.

The curated content easily enables any user to quickly find related, relevant, factual information, from trusted and reliable sources — on demand and on any mobile device.

OttoLearn makes it possible

The COVID-19 toolkit showcases Otto’s abilities to rapidly create, deploy, and update information-rich content.

Key features that helped Loiselle build and deliver the COVID-19 toolkit in record time include:

  • Rapid building of multimedia knowledge cards to provide factual content and links
  • AI-based multilingual translation
  • Mobile-first, desktop friendly delivery
  • Ability to update content in real time
  • Instantly scalable to unlimited users
  • Responsive & skilled support team at Neovation

Loiselle also cited Neovation’s culture as a huge advantage: “Your company is so collaborative … I love your company.”


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