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Ronald Peter Sțferle: Black Swans, Grey Rhinos and Golden Bulls РWorld Gold Forum 2020 РSPONSOR: Labrador Gold $ $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 3:11 PM on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

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Ronald Peter Stöferle’s keynote speech at this year’s virtual World Gold Forum 2020.

Unlimited quantitative easing and fiscal stimulation. Central banks and governments are on the test bench. Learn why this is the perfect breeding ground for gold, commodities and mining stocks.

A golden future lies ahead!

Topics: Black Swan or Grey Rhino?

In recent weeks, the news filled with Corona, experts and governments have been throwing around the term Black Swan. The Black Swan is a metaphor that describes an unpredictable, rare event that causes great harm. Ronald Stöferle, on the other hand, is of the opinion that the corona virus is more like a grey rhinoceros. A rare but highly probable but neglected event.

Central banks and governments under scrutiny We are in the process of making history. Never before has there been a crisis in which so many monetary and fiscal interventions by central banks and governments have been made in such a short time. Ronald postulates that the central banks, as they have already announced, will do everything possible to prevent deflation. The markets and the population should therefore be prepared for anything. From unlimited quantitative easing, to ideas like the universal basic income.

Gold on the rise again. There is a general change on the markets. Gold has reappeared on the scene. Ronald shows how gold has done exactly what it is supposed to do. Stabilize your portfolio and protect your assets from a drastic decline in stock values. He also postulates that the gold price has already reached its lowest point. Inflation or Stagflation Even if it was in fashion to declare inflation dead, it seems to be returning. Ronald explains that our in-house inflation indicator shows that inflation could be about to make a comeback. The markets are unlikely to feel this until the curfew is lifted and there is suddenly much more money in the system.

Gold stocks back in the bull market The comparison between the Great Depression and now does not seem to limp. Ronald postulates a good environment for gold mining stocks, as was the case during the Great Depression. The Golden Future Gold has returned to the public eye. We are currently in the public participation phase.

As Ronald explains that current climate, both by the massive interventions and the general crisis, are the perfect breeding ground for gold and commodities in general.

Time stamp: 2:40

Agenda 3:30

The black swan, which is none 8:54

(When) Will confidence in central banks begin to erode 15:26

Gold: What the 7th sense of the financial market has to tell us 20:55

Inflation and Stagflation – The Ultimate Craft of Pain 27:08

Gold mining shares 29:31

The golden future 36:45

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