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CLIENT FEATURE: American Creek: More Than 22.5 – 32.1 Million Ounces of Gold Eq at Treat Creek? $ $ $ $ $ $ $SA $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 9:59 AM on Wednesday, July 29th, 2020

That is what JS Research out of Germany is suggesting in their follow up to the Report on Treaty Creek they did in June 2020.  We think that their research on the Goldstorm and our JV partner Tudor Gold does a good job showing the potential that lies before us including projections for size and value of the property.  This year’s 20,000m drill program was recently doubled to 40,000 utilizing six drills and extending the drill season.  We only have the first two rounds of assays and this seasons drill results have already eclipsed the great results of 2019. The geophysics and geology suggest more of the same so we’re looking forward to seeing if the trend continues throughout the year.
The Treaty Creek Project is a Joint Venture with Tudor Gold owning 3/5th and acting as operator. American Creek and Teuton Resources each have a 1/5th interest in the project creating a 3:1 ownership relationship between Tudor Gold and American Creek. American Creek and Teuton are both fully carried until such time as a Production Notice is issued, at which time they are required to contribute their respective 20% share of development costs. Until such time, Tudor is required to fund all exploration and development costs while both American Creek and Teuton have “free rides”.

Market value soon to be $ 1 billion?

Breathtaking gold rally in full swing! With this precious metal pearl you benefit to the maximum! Because the sensational news flow and gold contents of an average of 1.161 g / t Gold Eq over 930 meters justify a reassessment !!!

Dear Readers,
Tudor Gold once again delivers massively – the brand new press release ( LINK here ) contains a wealth of important information for you as an investor:

  • Publication of further excellent drilling results, eg GS-20-65 with a near-surface interval of 2.12 g / t Gold Eq (equivalent) over 348 meters within a 930 meter interval with an average of 1.161 g / t Gold Eq.  
  • GS-20-64 with a near-surface interval of 1.482 g / t Gold Eq over 154.5 meters within a 550.55 meter interval with an average of 0.983 g / t Gold Eq.  
  • Hole GS-20-64 was a so-called step-out hole that significantly increased the length of the Goldstorm mineralization system on Treaty Creek from 850 to 1,000 meters . (The width is currently 600 meters) The system is open in all directions and at depth – further drilling will follow to define the limits of the enormous system.  
  • Tudor Gold announced that instead of the planned 20,000 meters, 40,000 meters will now be drilled! The drilling program is completely financed, a total of 6 drilling rigs are used.  
  • Another lower camp is being built, which will extend the drilling season by several months!

Tudor Gold (WKN: A2AJ7Y, Frankfurt: TUC / TSXV: TUD) has been on the lips of gold investors, brokers and industry experts for months. We hear from our Canadian network that bets are already being made as to when the first takeover offer for the world-class Treaty Creek project will arrive at the successful Walter Storm, CEO of Tudor Gold .

One thing is certain, there are only a handful of stocks on the quote that control a gold resource of over 15 million ounces of gold. And at the latest after yesterday’s press release, it will become clear to everyone that the ‘Goldstorm’ system is enormous and an absolute world-class project.

What we really like in yesterday’s press release is the fact that Tudor was able to extend the length of the (mineralization) system from 850 meters by another 150 meters to 1,000 meters . It remains open on all sides and in depth.

The Tudor Gold team of geologists and the market participants invested in the share hoped that the ‘ step-out’ well drilled would encounter gold-bearing mineralization again and significantly enlarge the gold system again.

And the GS-20-64 well was once again a direct hit: a high grade intersection with 1.482 g / t Gold Eq over 154.5 meters was found within a long drilling interval with 0.983 g / t Gold Eq over 550.55 meters.

What the market has not yet fully realized: The conceptual exploration target of 1 billion tons of rock is likely to be revised significantly upwards again. And that automatically increases the possible gold resource by an additional million ounces.

For us, it all looks like a possible future huge opencast mine. These operations often have a long mine life of more than 15/20 years and are at the top of M&A shopping lists for gold producers.

“Grade is King” – the high gold content of the drilling results to date speak in favor of Tudor Gold’s Treaty Creek project:

A look at the published resource statements (‘proven and probable mineral reserves’) of the direct neighbor Seabridge Gold shows an ore grade of 0.55 g / t gold in the ‘KSM’ project. Even if Tudor Gold has not yet released a resource, the strong drilling results published to date, with long intervals of up to 1,081 meters and good gold grades, provide a very good indication of what the average grade of an ore could be from a potential resource. In our opinion, it should be loosely between 0.85 and 1.20 g / t Gold Eq , and thus significantly higher for ‘Treaty Creek’ than for the ‘KSM’ project!

Tudor Gold’s ‘Treaty Creek’ project is also very cost-effective to connect to the infrastructure (road and electricity) about 20 kilometers away. It is not necessary to build a very expensive and complex tunnel through the mountain, as with the neighbor, which can quickly cost 500 to 1,000 million dollars in such a dimension.

For such an investment amount, Tudor Gold’s complete open-cast mine, including infrastructure connection and processing systems, can possibly be realized. We are excited to see what the economic indicators in the ‘PEA’ (preliminary feasibility study) will look like.

The Treaty Creek project is an extremely rare rarity in the North American exploration sector!

No wonder why legendary mine investor and billionaire Eric Sprott recognized the enormous potential of the Treaty Creek project, as we did, in 2019 and has since participated in several rounds of financing from Tudor Gold.

Just last week, Eric Sprott struck again and increased his strategic equity position at Tudor Gold again. This time he accessed the stock market directly and invested another million CAD, as the insider filings below show:


Eric Sprott chatted in his weekly market commentary on July 24, 20 at Sprott Money News and named a few titles that he is convinced and invested in.

He also mentioned Tudor Gold’s Treaty Creek project from 18:33 and speculated that the gold project could easily contain 20, 30, 40 or even 50 million ounces of gold . Feel free to listen to the interview at this link: LINK


Tudor Gold’s stock has risen by a sensational 1,000% since the beginning of 2019 – it is not too late for far-sighted investors to invest in this world-class project developer. We expect an enormous news flow by the end of the year, which should catapult the market capitalization to at least CAD 1 billion ! Do not miss this unique investment opportunity!

The market value of Tudor Gold is just under CAD 500 million – cheap in direct comparison to Seabridge Gold, which is valued at just under CAD 1.8 billion.

Source: Yahoo Finance
We expect a bidding contest for the world-class Treaty Creek project at any time, at the latest when a first resource estimate is published within the next 6 months!

Let’s take a quick look at the brand new press release from 07/27/20 ( link here ) and let geologist Ken Konkin have his say:

Ken Konkin, Vice President of Project Development at Tudor Gold, P.Geo., Said in the press release:
“For the second time this month, we are very pleased to report the results of GS-20-57 , which is an enriched mineralization section of 1.40 g / t AuEq averaging 217.5 meters (544.5 to 762.0 meters) within have a composite average of 0.845 g / t AuEq over 973.05 meters (34.50 to 1077.55 meters). Hole GS-20-65 was designed as a 100 meter undercut to drill hole GS-20-57. The result was a remarkable 348 meter intercept at 2,120 g / t AuEq within a larger 930 meter intercept at 1.161 g / t AuEq in hole GS-20-65. Further drilling is required in this central region to better define these high-grade areas (‘metal plumes’) that we believe will occur throughout the ‘Goldstorm’ system. There were three results above 15.0 g / t Au that occurred within hole GS-20-65. These include: 19.7 g / t Au over 1.5 meters (145.5 to 147.0 meters), 22.5 g / t Au over 1.5 meters (310.5 to 312.0 meters) and 34 .2 g / t Au over 1.0 meter(921.0 to 922.0 meters). The focus for the rest of this summer will be on completing exploration drilling to the limits of known mineralization along the northeastern axis. We started drilling on pad 8, a 150 meter step-out northeast of hole GS-20-47, which produced the best intersection of 0.697 g / t AuEq over 1081.5 meters in 2019. This hole ended in a mineralization zone as drilling capacity was reached. This year, all six drills have modified drill heads to complete boreholes more than 1,800 meters deep. However, we expect our longest holes to be approximately 1,400 meters long in 2020. ”

Konkin adds:
“One of the most impressive aspects of the Goldstorm system is the constant strength of the mineralization. Hole GS-20-64 was a steeply angled 150 meter step-out that was drilled northeast of the DS-5 section beyond the trace. This exploration hole aimed to expand a very robust stockwork system that was intersected at the bottom of hole GS-19-47 with 0.996 g / t AuEq over 243 meters (933.5 to 1176.5 meters). The section ended in a mineralization zone at a depth of 1199 meters. The same DS-5 zone was intersected in GS-20-64, which doubled the cutting length from 243 meters to over 550 meters and averaged 0.983 g / t AuEq (648.4 to 1198.95 meters), which is extremely consistent with the results obtained in GS-19-47. An enriched upper part of the stockwork system gave 1,442 g / t AuEq over 154.5 meters (771.5 to 926.0 meters). We are currently re-drilling the GS-19-47 hole as the system may be much larger than originally anticipated based on the results of the GS-20-64 step-out hole located 150 meters northeast. The goal is to drill through the entire stockwork profile discovered in 2019. ”

On the map below you can see various wells and sections where they are located.

Source: Tudor Gold Corp.
Walter Storm, President and CEO of Tudor Gold said:
“Our technical team continues to research different areas of the drilling targets, achieving excellent results and the size of the ‘Goldstorm’ system is continuously expanding significantly. The north-east axis of the mineralized ‘Goldstorm’ (ore) body is now longer than a kilometer, and we still have to find the mineralization boundaries in the northeast and in depth. It was necessary to step up our efforts by doubling our drilling program to 40,000 meters and using more drilling rigs. We are very pleased to announce the approval of our new work permit, which will allow us to expand the drilling at ‘Goldstorm’ and drill additional zones. Tudor Gold’s construction teams are planning to build a lower-level drill camp, that will extend the exploration season by several months. We are now able to build land access routes to access the zones from the current camp as well as the proposed lower camp (on the Treaty Creek glacier toe). ”

The company recently uploaded an interesting video with the geological 3D model to the flagship project ‘Treaty Creek’ on the website.

Here is the link to the video:

Source: Tudor Gold Corp.

For all new readers, we have briefly compiled some background information on Tudor Gold:

Tudor Gold is a precious metals and base metals exploration company with concession areas in British Columbia’s ‘Golden Triangle’, an area where producing or past mines are located, as well as several large deposits that are nearing potential development. The 17,913 hectare Treaty Creek Project (in which Tudor Gold holds a 60% stake) is adjacent to the KSM property of Seabridge Gold Inc. in the southwest and the ‘Brucejack’ property of Pretium Resources Inc. in the southeast. The company controls 100 % of the Electrum project. In addition, Tudor has ‘earn-in’ options or is 100% involved in other projects in the ‘Golden Triangle’.

The Sulfurets Thrust Fault leads from the Seabridge deposit ‘Iron Cap’ to the Tudor Gold ‘Goldstorm’ system from the southwestern corner of the ‘Treaty Creek’ claims, which adjoin Seabridge Gold’s concession areas. The Gold Storm Zone is located five kilometers northeast of Seabridge’s Iron Cap deposit.

The ‘Golden Triangle’ region is one of Canada’s richest gold regions – over 80 million ounces of gold and over 17 billion pounds of copper have already been found in the immediate vicinity of world-class explorer Tudor Gold!

Source: Tudor Gold Corp.
Tudor Gold has everything a world-class exploration company needs, be there when the company makes exploration history!

Top Facts & Summary of Tudor Gold Corp Highlights:

  • Prime location: Huge land package in the world-famous Canadian ‘Golden Triangle’ – more than 80 million ounces of gold have already been discovered within a few kilometers.  
  • The Treaty Creek flagship project is adjacent to the largest world-class deposits and mines. (Seabridge Gold and Pretium Resources).  
  • Extremely promising project portfolio with over 35,518 hectares of concession areas, spread over four projects.  
  • Treaty Creek is close to good infrastructure: the nearest road and power line are only around 20 km away.  
  • Excellent geological location of the acquired land packages in mining-friendly British Columbia in Canada.  
  • Top Management – Very experienced and successful team under the leadership of the renowned Walter Storm , co-founder of the Canadian mining company Osisko Mining . Ken Konkin , a multi-award winning geologist, has led the drilling program since 2019. He was instrumental in the discovery of Pretium Resources’ The Valley of Kings deposit.  
  • At $ 498.5 million, Tudor Gold has an extremely low market cap compared to its direct neighbors Seabridge Gold ($ 1.8 billion) and Pretium Resources ($ 2.5 billion).  
  • World-class drilling results for the flagship project ‘Treaty Creek’: e.g.  
  • Hole GS-20-65: 1.161 g / t Gold Eq over 930 meters including 2.12 g / t Gold Eq over 348 meters;  
  • Hole GS-20-57: 0.845 g / t Gold Eq over 973 meters including 1.40 g / t Gold Eq over 217.5 meters;  
  • Hole GS-20-64: 0.983 g / t Gold Eq over 550.55 meters including 1.482 g / t Gold Eq over 154.5 meters;  
  • Hole GS-19-42: 0.849 g / t Gold Eq over 780 meters including 1.275 g / t Gold Eq over 370.5 meters in the 300 Horizon Intercept;  
  • Hole GS-19-47: 0.697 g / t Gold Eq over 1,081.5 meters including 0.867 g / t Gold Eq over 301.5 meters in the 300 Horizon section;  
  • Hole GS-19-52: 0.783 g / t gold Eq over 601.5 meters incl. 1.062 g / t gold over 336.0 meters in the 300 Horizon section;  
  • Hole GS-19-48: 0.793 g / t Gold Eq over 927.0 meters;   Hole GS-19-49: 0.800 g / t gold Eq over 826.5 meters incl. 1.080 g / t gold over 249 meters;  
  • Hole GS-19-50: 0.681 g / t Gold Eq over 577.5 meters;  
  • Hole CB-18-39: 1,086 g / t Gold Eq over 563.8 meters  
  • Enormous exploration potential – large parts of the exploration projects are still largely unexplored.  
  • The Tudor Gold property has the potential to demonstrate a double-digit million ounce gold resource .  
  • Tudor Gold is a prime M&A acquisition target.  
  • Strong support from the ‘Tahltan First Nation’: signing of a commitment and communication agreement.  
  • Clear vote of confidence – as of July 10, 2020, more than 50% of the shares were in the hands of CEO and company founder Walter Storm (32.5%) and commodity star investor Eric Sprott (19.7%)

Believe experts like Eric Sprott, the man with the ‘gold finger’, then invest in Tudor Gold! The stock is trading today where Seabridge Gold was in 2005 before the stock price multiplied. The stock is on the buying radar of countless gold investors – everyone is waiting for further news flow of the 2020 borehole season in the next weeks and months!

Tudor Gold’s immediate neighbors are Seabridge Gold ($ 1.8 billion market cap) and Pretium Resources ($ 2.5 billion). However, the current market capitalization of Tudor Gold is only a low CAD 498.5 million – there is still a lot of upside potential!  

About Tudor Gold Corp:  

Name: Tudor Gold Corp.
Stock exchange ticker Germany: TUC
Stock exchange ticker Canada: TUD.V
Last courses in Germany : 1.92 €
Last courses in Canada: CAD 3.04
ISIN: CA89901P1071

You can find more information about Tudor Gold here:
Please read our article on Tudor Gold from July 10th, 2020
Please read our article on Tudor Gold from January 8th, 2020
Read our detailed company description with assessment from August 1st, 2019:
Link to the company’s website

Best regards and maximum success with your investments!
Your JS research team          

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American Creek has not verified any numbers or projections made in the report by JS Research. 

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