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VIDEO: Vegaste Technologies $ Closes 1st Day Of Trading With $75,000,000 Market Cap & Revenue Run Rate Of $US 3,000,000

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:02 PM on Monday, August 10th, 2020
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AGORACOM prides itself on becoming the discovery platform of emerging disruptive companies …. and we’ve discovered another one today in Vegaste Technologies, an e-commerce driven platform that is delivering all things plant-based to customers across Canada right now.    

Vegaste has already started with both plant-based food meals directly to homes, thanks to partnerships right across the country – but isn’t stopping there as it adds hundreds of products to the platform.  More than just lip service, Vegaste is already on a $US 3,000,000 run rate and that will probably accelerate in the coming months as marketing and additional products kick in.  

Vegaste Founder, Sean Dollinger, is no stranger to AGORACOM followers as he was the Co-Founder behind wildly successful Namaste Technologies before it fell on hard times experienced by the cannabis industry.  In addition to bringing back his immense e-commerce capabilities, he’s also implemented some valuable lessons learned at Namaste when it comes to corporate governance and share structure.  

One of those lessons was appointing Julia Frank as CEO and giving her the team necessary to focus on doing the best job possible.  Julia’s experience combines both start-up and big corporation structures thanks to being part of start-up teams within both BMW and Daimler in Germany.    

Vegaste is hot off the listing press, so if you ever wanted to get a jump on your fellow investor it doesn’t get much fresher than this ….. unless you’re ordering a plant based meal off their platform at

If you believe in the paradigm shifting nature of plant based foods, be sure to watch and share this great interview with Vegaste CEO Julia Frank CEO & Founder Sean Dollinger.

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