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Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:23 AM on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

Iris Bincovich, CEO of InnoCan Pharma Corp, shares with Cannabis Report World an overview on how they are disrupting the cannabis world through pharmaceutical innovation and gives us a preview of some of their latest projects one of which is targeting the COVID-19 virus.

Can you introduce us to InnoCan? Where did the idea for the concept originate from?

InnoCan Pharma Corporation is a pharmaceutical tech company that focuses on the development of several drug delivery platforms combining cannabidiol (“CBD”) with other pharmaceutical ingredients as well as the development and sale of CBD-integrated pharmaceuticals.

The founders and officers of InnoCan, all have commercially successful track records in the pharmaceutical and technology sectors in Israel and globally.

InnoCan Pharma was established by Yoram Drucker, an Israeli serial entrepreneur with experience of founding companies in the field of stem cells; Ron Mayron Former CEO of Teva Israel. Teva Pharmaceutical is one of the largest generic drug producers in the world; Nir Avram, our topicals formulator, who was on the pharmaceutical innovation team at Perrigo, he holds a number of patents and has more than 30 years of experience developing topicals; and I bringing a world-wide experience in healthcare with nearly 20 years of international marketing, business development and sales experience. I have led and managed hundreds of successful international transactions in the OTC, cosmetics and dermatology sector.

InnoCan was established as a Pharma company, to enhance the therapeutic properties of CBD, developing unique synergistic delivery systems and OTC/cosmetic products.

Some of our latest projects and products: InnoCan with the Tel Aviv University are collaborating on a new, revolutionary exosome-based technology that targets both Central Nervous System (CNS) indications and the Covid-19 Corona Virus using CBD-loaded Exosomes.

CBD-loaded Exosomes hold the potential to help in the recovery of infected lung cells. This product, which is expected to be administrated by inhalation, will be tested against a variety of lung infections.

In addition, InnoCan Pharma signed a worldwide exclusive license agreement with Yissum, the commercial arm of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to develop a CBD drug delivery platform based on a unique-controlled release liposome to be administrated by injection.

Together with Professor Berenholtz, Head of the Laboratory of Membrane and Liposome Research of the Hebrew University, we plan to test the liposome platform on several potential indications.

InnoCan Pharma also develops and manufactures OTC products: R&G Relief & Go – a breakthrough patent-pending CBD pain relief brand, integrating CBD with other pharmaceutical ingredients.

InnoCan’s Pain relief spray provides fast action muscle relaxant and pain relief. It contains an analgesic blend of active ingredients with pure CBD to provide temporary relief of muscle and joint pain.

We also developed a line of Premium derma cosmetic CBD-integrated anti-aging product lines: SHIR, where its formulations feature a tailored blend of active ingredients and technology.

Can you tell us more about your innovative products?

1) Our latest project is a collaboration targeting the COVID-19 virus with Tel Aviv University and Professor Daniel Offen, who heads The Laboratory for Neurosciences at the Felsenstein Medical Research Center.

We are developing an inhalable treatment based on exosomes loaded with CBD, designed to target COVID-19 infected lung cells and might be applicable also to central nervous system diseases.

Exosomes have the ability to target damaged cells like a targeted missile, they improve regeneration and assist in their recovery. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory substance.

Exosomes have been studied for their cell recovery actions and inflammation targeting.  CBD-loaded exosomes (“CLX”) may hold the potential to provide anti-inflammatory properties and assist in the recovery of infected lung cells. The CBD loaded exosomes are expected to be administered by inhalation.

Together with Professor Offen, an experienced researcher on cell and gene therapy in neurodegenerative diseases, we are looking to develop a new technology that might be applicable to several indications. Prof. Offen is a co-founder of several biotechnology companies developing therapies for neurological disorders. One of them, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics (traded on NASDQ, symbol BCLI), developed cell treatment for ALS patients, and is now in Phase III clinical trial.

2) In addition, we are advancing a platform for injectable CBD loaded liposomes in collaboration with Prof. Barenholz Head of the Laboratory of Membrane and Liposome Research of the Hebrew University – Jerusalem. This accurate, controlled administration of CBD by injection, is expected to be as easy as injecting insulin.

Upon every administration of CBD Oil, about 80% of the CBD is being throwed of by enzymes in the liver.  CBD Oil is not easily absorbed, only 5-10 % is ultimately being absorbed.  Patients may be overloaded to achieve a therapeutic level.

CBD is an oily molecule that normally cannot be easily injected into the body.  But once isolated inside a capsule, such as a Liposome, it could be injected.  Liposomes are small vesicles, that could entrap substance inside. The Liposomes technology is planned to enable increase bioavailability and control dosage and provide controlled release of CBD over time.

We are developing a platform for several potential indications.

For example, for people who are suffering from chronic pain, we may be able to offer an injection once a week, and over time, one could have a consistent release of CBD into the body.

Professor Barenholz has already developed a Liposome based breast cancer drug, named Doxil, that was licensed by Johnson & Johnson based on royalties from revenues.

InnoCan Pharma is collaborating with leading researchers’ leader in their fields.

This is one of few value-driven propositions of the company.

3) Innocan Pharma™ leverages extensive knowledge and understanding of the synergistic combination of CBD and FDA-Approved active ingredients for fast-acting relief of severe and acute pain.

R&G is a fast action muscle relaxant and pain relief brand and contains an analgesic blend of active ingredients with CBD. The brand provides temporary relief of muscle and joint pain.

These are EU-GMP manufactured products, clinically tested for safety

This PATENT PENDING UNIQUE FORMULATION combines the known benefits of CBD, Magnesium, Camphor and Menthol to relieve pain, help relax and recover after performing like professionals.

Combining these 4 ingredients at high concentrations, and developing a stable product is highly challenging.  So how does it work? Here is some science:

  • CBD- CBD is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is known to have a positive effect on pain and reduce swelling.
  • Menthol–a topical analgesic (pain reliever). Menthol produces a cooling sensation by stimulating the skin’s thermos-receptors, which send the brain a signal that is interpreted as cold, numbing effect.
  • Magnesiumchloride – is a known muscle relaxant and food supplement. We developed it into an easy-to-absorb form that may be able to raise levels of this nutrient within the body when applied topically to the skin.
    • The magnesium, absorbed through the skin, is claimed to relieve muscle pains and aches and to enhance relaxation.
  • Camphor- Assists to relieve pain and swelling and inflammation, and preventing skin redness.

4) Dermo cosmetic products powered by science, inspired by nature. SHIR, our beauty & science skincare brand combines the benefits of CBD with the most effective ingredients in innovative formulas to deliver visible fast acting results.

InnoCan Pharma has developed several premium lines of derma cosmetic products containing a tailor blend of highly concentrated ingredients, formulated with CBD. Each ingredient was carefully chosen to provide a synergistic effect, working in harmony with each other.

Can you describe the consumer’s behaviour towards cannabis – integrated pharmaceuticals?

As far as we know consumers are waiting to integrate Innocan Pharma’s innovation into their routine.

What challenges have you faced so far in the cannabis market and how were these overcome?

InnoCan Pharma disrupts the Cannabis world. As a pharmaceutical company, we do not grow nor extract, we focus on research and development of drug delivery platforms combining pure cannabidiol with Synergistics delivery systems of ingredients. Our challenge was to distinguish ourselves as a pharma company with highest quality standards to provide consumer confidence.

What so you see happening over the next few years regarding pharma products? What is your general prediction for the sector?

As a pharmaceutical company we predict that the Cannabis industry will move towards a much more regulated industry. Our prediction is that we will see more companies offering variety of products that combine cannabinoids among their ingredients.

What are the plans for the future and your ultimate goal?

To become a Global Leader in Cannabinoid-Integrated Pharmaceutical Products and to Improve the quality of life.


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