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VIDEO – PyroGenesis $ Receives $11.5M Contract For 2 Aircraft Carriers … But That May Not Be Their Biggest News $RTN $NOC $UTX $ $SSYS $PRLB

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 6:27 PM on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

The most expensive real estate in the world measured by square foot is a US aircraft carrier.  If that wasn’t enough, it is also amongst the hardest places in the world to get your technology approved for use.

PyroGenesis has already sold two (2) plasma torch based systems to the US Navy for installation on two aircraft carriers … and now it has sold two more systems for 2 more US aircraft carriers to the tune of $11.5M.

The news is cause for celebration by both the Company and its shareholders, not just for the associated dollar value but for the additional reputational gains made by PYR as a result of a massive repeat order to the US Government.  There isn’t a small cap company in the world that wouldn’t be popping champagne bottles tonight.

Can you feel the BUT coming?  OK, here it is  …. But this US aircraft carrier news may not be the biggest news of the WEEK for PyroGenesis, let alone the year because just a few days earlier it announced the following:

PyroGenesis Announces Completion and Acceptance of Modelling Contract with Iron Ore Pelletization Client A; Receives Draft Contract for Equipment Purchase

How big could this development be?  In a press release earlier this year PYR stated the following:

The Client has over 10 plants, each requiring approx. 50 torches.Each torch will generate up to $3M of revenue to PyroGenesis. 

In case your calculator isn’t working, that’s 50 x 10 X $3,000,0000 = $1.5 BILLION.  However, we would be remiss if we didn’t insert this quote from PYR CEO Peter Pascali who stated:

“I must caution that although all parties are confident of the outcome, and the remaining details are minor, there is no guarantee that the Contract will, at the end of the day, be signed, until it is. We have no definite visibility on how long this will take but we are clearly in the final stages.”

If you are just discovering PyroGenesis (PYR:TSXV) then grab your favourite drink and watch this powerful video …. or listen in via podcast when you want to tune out the world and learn about an incredible company.

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