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AGORACOM Small Cap 60 – Learn About Avicanna $ In 60 Seconds $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:08 PM on Friday, September 11th, 2020



When we say vertically integrated, we mean it.  Avicanna has 4 fully operating divisions to address the entire market for Cannabis products.  As a Cannabis investor, why limit yourself to a Company with just one specialty, when Avicanna offers you exposure to the entire vertical.


  • The Only Known CBD Cosmetics Backed By Clinical Trials
  • Full Line Of High End CBD Based Skin Care Products
  • Already Commercializing In Colombia
  • Global Distribution In H2 2020 In United States, Europe and Canada
    • Canadian Distribution Through Shoppers Drug Mart


  • Medical Cannabis 2.0 – Superior Products To Products Currently On The Market
    • Evidence Backed Medical Cannabis So Doctors Can Prescribe With Confidence
  • Full Launch Across Canada Immanent
  • Exclusive Distribution Through Online Store Of Shoppers Drug Mart
  • RHO Phyto “Micro Drop” oil formulations are the first of the RHO Phyto formulary of advanced medical cannabis products available for patients and health care practitioners
  • Global Distribution Through US, U.K, Australia, Colombia and Canada In H2 2020


  • A Full Pipeline Of Pharmaceuticals In Various Stages Of Trials To Address Dermatology, Psychiatry, Neurology, Pain and Oncology
  • 3 Products Already As Far As PHASE 2


  • 500,000 Sq Ft Of Low Cost and USDA certified Organic Cannabis Cultivation In Colombia
  • First Ever Export Of Feminized Hemp Seeds From Colombia (To United States). 7,000,000 Seeds For $380,000
  • Additional 75,000,000 Seeds Available For Export In Several Pending Transactions

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