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VIDEO – TELUS Picks Loop Insights Contactless Artificial Intelligence Solutions For Customers Across Canada

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Welcome to beyond the press release of production of AGORACOM in which we take the time to speak with small cap executives right after the put up port news and today is a big one it’s out of the loop insights trades on the TSX venture the stock symbol MTRX with us today is Rob Anson CEO of the company for those who knew the story and that’s gonna be a lot of help because the nature of the press with today and the volume that attracted the market’s loop essentially is a provider of contactless solutions and artificial intelligence to the brick and mortar world helping drive real time insights enhanced engagement and automated contact tracing and they put all that together so that’s led to 2 powerful revenue streams first was on the contact tracing side they bargain out deals at the university of Houston Las Vegas bubble up big flagship properties in Las Vegas and more then there’s also the artificial intelligence marketing side where they announced a pilot agreement with America’s largest CBD retailer for 20 to 500 stores a pilot we would tell us for 3 other flagship locations and then this morning stockholders tell us and I’m gonna read the headline for you loop insights accepted into Telus Iot. market place for national sales and marketing to tell us business customers across the country huge news rob welcome back man yeah thanks George. But before I dive into any details about you know this this new agreement this new this new this new relationship would tell us. This is made major news number 2 between you and tell us how big is this first. For the company in terms of validation and technology validation how then how big is this is for shareholders for empty for the empty are ex out of the company. Yes so I mean it’s the same side as we have discussed before George third party validations everything you know for us as a young company you know this seeing the penetration that we’re getting in the U. S. obviously the position with Amazon and APN network was a big part of these you know fortune 600 introductions and they bring the credibility as you know we are young company and people just learning now you looking sites really is you know from a Canadian perspective now having our largest telco telus plan associated to the products and marketing and opening the doors it is game changing for loop and and shareholders most definitely and I want to make sure people understand the magnitude of this it could even of the settle headline says accepted to Telus IoT. marketplace this is centrally is for the whole basket everything Luke does tell this is not gonna be selling to their customers across the country. Yes is the same before we’ve got our our full B. device and our data analytics insights component are automated marking in the pilot that’s ongoing right now and doing extremely well as we come to wrap that up here next month. You know the contact tracing venue tracing is obviously front center I mean we’re a little more fortunate out here in BC but these calls now with everything being shut down again and closing the economy that’s not an option and you know it is going to have to re open here and Lucas transformative gateway and it is in our conversations with the government level now that’s exactly what it’s about is not just a band aid we’ve captured huge interest now the provincial and federal level based upon our ability to apply the data across a multitude of different touch points and now whether it’s health care whether it’s the contact tracing federal for you know whether it’s more vehicle branch our ability to tie it all together is what’s putting us in these positions and very proud excited out tell us a wave and then the live like when making key interactions to us then for everyone at home what I love so much about what Luke does is it’s not just contact tracing it’s not just some marketing enhancement the contact tracing is almost you know the first door and you know we all have to have that but then while it’s there loop uses that to help enhance your retailers government any form of business enterprise to then further transact with me and and not just transactional but Hey George likes this artificial intelligence picking up this with George like let’s off from this so it’s all close down which means greater safety for everybody and greater revenue for the venue’s government businesses that that need it let’s talk about tell us now rob. Why did you choose tell us or that the child was chose you ought you know how to white white tell us a loop. What is tell us is obviously is important to us for many reasons I have a family history my godfather was actually former presencia a BC tel which was acquired you as part of the deal will tell us back then so it’s very interesting time from that aspect in one of our board members it was key in implementing this tell us introduction Peter green. Course with his history would tell us is unparalleled so it was a no brainer for us on many different levels and as we talked about the innovation what Luke brings to the table and transcending IoT. space in itself are offering a new exciting product it’s multi faceted and unparalleled in the current IT space was as we see now they’ve they’ve been quite excited about it and relationship continues to grow and grow and is let’s get more exciting yeah look I’ve been doing this for 20 years it’s a very rare when a small cap company gets one deal of any kind does with a global with a national powerhouse and and again I’m not a monster company like tell us one let alone 2 and moving the relationship forward what do you think and I you have yet to gas and and maybe from your conversation tell us what’s driving it from their side to be parting with loops so quickly moving forward is that because they’re seeing the economy shutting down business shutting down everything shutting down and they know that they need a solution now to get out to their customers you think that’s the big driver here well part of it George I mean what we do is completely relevant today right course did the other side of it though it is telling us is always looking and reading when it comes to innovation and providing value to their business customers so it it’s it’s good to win win that alternately providing value solving problems for their customers and further entrenching yeah the tallest Brandon product offering and terming sticky. A new line revenues for them as well to their shareholders and more importantly right now today is going to be putting our name and stab together on some of these huge venue tracing opportunities but some very significant players. Tell us didn’t just hand this to you though obviously you know in the small cap world we know the gravity of the loop’s technology and solutions and we’ve seen the names university of Houston all on and on so we won’t go through all those but I’m sure Luke yeah we’re sold out of the loop I had to but tell us how to make a jump through some hoops so what was it like in order to get you know the relationship to this to this level because they they’ve got privacy concerns I got all sorts of concerns what how rigorous was it to get to this point. It is about 7 months you know data privacy security product all of all of the audits here is a big deal and much like went through the Amazon as well of course but you know at the end of the day you know we’ve architected our solution in a manner that checks all the boxes and now from a health standpoint in something other projects and events that are about to unfold here puts us in a tremendous opportunity and consistent into other opportunities that are in verticals that’s and I never even thought of. So just really speaks to the agility of the solution and providing value and relevancy to the loop shareholders of course and tell us as long. I commend tell us for kind of being first to the table because it usually one massive hurdle for George com software to get it to get on the table is something who else is using you and say well nobody you be the first and nobody wants to be the first tells dad hats off to them but now if there’s one thing I know about that world the the that enterprise world as they play follow the leader a lot what kind of example do you think this relationship brings to I know it I mean you announced already that you could talk to 2 major telecoms again 2 major telecoms U. S. what does this do for advancing all the relationships that need that that you’ve been managing for the last few months yeah you’re you’re right no no one wants to be first that is the biggest the biggest challenge by by far in in the beginning and I’m extremely appreciative for tell us and what they’ve done hi Andrew Turner played a big part of it their director striding items he you know it it is for site to see where we can take can enhance what they have today extremely appreciative for that what it’s done is it’s just that it’s brought credibility there’s a lot of eyeballs now waiting to see where we go outside of our pilots where now this agreement takes it about a couple calls already from some of the others that we’ve previously spoken with and it’s kind of a formal if you will right everyone to your point follow the leader they are very much like sheep and that’s what was exciting to me that tell us is so innovative and looking to transcend IT space and Michael cera and all of their team there is tremendous leadership and I’m very proud to be part of that and I got to read you broadband or Turner so I just kind of scroll down on the press release here and I’ve got to read this quote because it’s one thing for Lupin agora com. To do a a partnership together to announce partnership and you say great things about me and I said great things about you we expect that you know these massive companies like tell us they don’t they don’t say things lightly 9 they’re they’re not in the business of of of just pumping your tyres just because so I want to read this this Amanda Turner tells VP of strategic operations by it doesn’t get much better than that he said by partnering with innovative and leading I’ll T. development company such as loop were insuring that our customers have access some of the most advanced I OT. business solutions in the world I mean I know how cool and calm you are and how call for you’ve been in your technology from day one yeah we met and well before that obviously but does that still give you goosebumps is still make you kind of you know. Bench yourself when you hear something like that from the likes of Dallas. He yeah for sure I mean it’s it’s you know it’s it’s nice to hear and I mean I don’t do this for compliments you know this is an exciting but it is 1 of many deals that were working on at this size and magnitude and larger quite honestly so for me it’s all about and even process hi George you know it’s another piece of the puzzle and road map in it all out patient switch so as I’m getting older is something I’ve learned and that these things take time and of course you know a lot of investors expect everything overnight but you know put a side by side of many small cap stock the 2 year you know in the trading history and look into what we brought to the table our future is extremely bright well generally speaking you’re right investors from apple down to the tiniest micro cap want things to happen quickly I gotta tell ya I don’t know of anyone that’s complaining about loop though because the the speed that you guys been going or in 2020 I don’t think there’s anybody complaining in fact there by lot of people saying holy smokes get out how do we figure this fast yeah we’re just getting started I mean we we have an incredibly talented team you know I I’ve got some of the greatest tac engineers you know in the world clearly. This here in our front in our marketing team is is brilliant and and our sales in a recent edition of my Cannavaro RSVP now and you know down in the US is opening doors like no tomorrow you know we all we all work is is one and it truly is a team and family so what would be known students are you know it’s it’s pretty exciting to see what we’ve accomplished in a very short time but I mean we’re we’re just you know we kind of went from crawl to walk. We’re still in call mode you know we’re position now with 2021 it’s gonna be a lot of fun once we get to jogging so. Walter this much out here it looks like you’re full on Usain bolt’s sprinting all right so for for all and that’s our perception out here because the small cap world we don’t see many companies move this fast on the business side and it’s interesting to hear you say you’re still a crawl sent you saying we’re still the first anywhere just warming up. Why it is because I mean you know when you do partnerships like with NC double a and yes P. N. N. Japanese groups I mean it is just starting to evolve I mean then the pandemic you know there there’s no playbook here George right now this is all ad hoc an on the fly and it speaks volumes to what we are able to put together with you know Amazon web services and our tech team here to to create something literally overnight that now is having such an impact notice here in Canada but in the US it is it is I mentioned before it’s very difficult to you know I play cross border and you know just little company in Vancouver Canada is not transcending and providing these solutions to solve some of the largest players in the game. That’s what excites me. So here we are we’ve just started Q. 4 centrally right we’ve just started Q. 4 and you’ve announced the other kind of news that most couples would be envious of if they’re not if they announce it 12 months from now you know so you’re moving fast what’s the future road map with tell us because this is now this is a relation to class of number 2 and then maybe you know what’s the road map look at I’m not gonna ask for next 12 months that’s just to grab one of the next 3 to 6 months look like in terms of you know what you’re going after. Yeah health care is is huge part of it and it’s something that you know I haven’t spoke about before but it is something we’ve been working on hi there some very exciting opportunities that we’ve been presented with here in Canada and and the U. S. that we were looking to complete and that’s that’s that’s gonna be game changing you know those cell cycles are extremely long you know like I said with cold wet and the pandemic there the sense of urgency is and tremendously in the wind in our sails you know it’s. Things are typically we’re seeing 3 to 5 years cell cycles and just like with NC double a you know the these things here we’ve been out to close in 30 days 60 days in some cases so health care you will be one very interesting vend. Partnership issue will reseller some very exciting things that’ll be transpiring there as well and many different verticals and size and scale out where I’m very very excited about the George is with our our new deal that we signed for the UK and Europe was Steve gray we’ve got tremendous opportunity over there from a technical perspective as well actually tell us what time from a retail perspective our products are absolutely perfect for that marketplace and your retells customer base you know if that firm saw the press release but some of them just the biggest of the biggest names right. Us State Farm CST was truly a legend hi is probably one most well respected guys in the C. P. G. retail space so for him to actually approach us I didn’t go according Stevie knocked on our door while so I mean that’s that that got my juices flowing and excited because you know with his background with Tesco and Aldi I mean we’re talking huge huge chains are thousands and thousands of locations these are the quality of the leads that Steve puts us in front of right out of the gate so it’s it’s very exciting we’ll see some continued expansion Indonesia that’s going strongly wall we have got a chance talk about a lot yet but Australia New Zealand are another interesting opportunities that are ticking along nicely but loose loops technology is borderless right that there are no borders. Yeah no no most definitely and when you know it’s we’ll see as he said the next 12 months will now be leveraging these entrails and opportunities to take to the next level is he said no one likes to be first we’ve had some interesting groups in NC double a in. What would tell us and that’s been very fortunate for these kind of groups to step up and say yeah man let’s go you know either very exciting so we will see some huge rapid growth and some very big opportunities here or not we’re not done yet this is just the beginning and I think your you know so like I said I don’t. I don’t hang my hat on what we’ve done here is we’ve we’ve done literally nothing to date other than get going so that the fine now comes from my team building that commercialized product which they did and now leveraging each of these opportunities and you know he is I would say only successful as the 5 people you surround yourself with. You kind of average you know for us I’ve always conditions these channel reseller partners and best of breed partners and multitude of different industries because it’s it’s it’s the trusted sources the credibility and it’s the power and strength will we bring to that partnership from an execution standpoint now that transcends new line revenues for them and further enhances their existing relationships so will be extremely active here in the last quarter and then down the stretch as they say they come and and for those who are new to the story again because the yelled at because the headline today in the trading activities all no doubt their new people watching one thing about Luke’s partners we see small cap companies announced partnerships all the time you know George rob or partnering and then you don’t hear anything about it. In loops case they signed with vendor one the largest point of sale software companies in the world and within a month rob them 30 days to other customers were already look customers that select paid off immediately at the end and then BTG sports. Are you signed a partnership with the reseller partnership with and bam Las Vegas Bob Las Vegas bubble NC double I am G. am so what I what not only doing great things on the direct side really what I really like is you’re not just signing partnership for the sake of partnership you’re signing partnership people we’re gonna we’re going to deliver so I I’m can’t wait to see what SG retailed us. Yeah for sure I mean I don’t do deals for the sake of doing deals I mean I do deals to you know make money again position and strength and you know for us it’s all about execution and you know the one thing that I can say is that you know we we’ve we’ve walked the walk and talk the talk as they say right so you know I’m certainly confident we’re doing under fully understand what the opportunity where we’re headed and will continue to execute and our senior leadership team as I said is doing a fantastic job and we’re very excited for the last quarter. Well rob ended there and I’m gonna tell you the one thing I love about these videos is what comes through that you can’t see on a press release and that is the fact that despite. Signing this agreement announcing this news will the biggest enterprise the country. You look like we’re talking about you just went for a walk in the park and that kind of that kind of calm you know leadership is powerful the C. and and I love that that came through here for one say. Well there you go. For you at home you’ve been watching or it’s been listening in by podcast Robinson the CEO of loop insights to cover trades on the TSX venture exchange on the stock symbol M. T. R. X. matrix now we know that there’s a lot to swallow here because loop is a leading technology copper truly they are and you may not understand or grasp all that sought to do your due diligence get to gore calm get to the loop pub go to the profile section and we’ve really nicely kinda laid this out for you in layman’s terms to really get a better understanding of what Loop does that make sure you get over the website do some more due diligence because I’ve got a feeling if you do that your pride discovered your next great small cap company we love loop hope you feel the same thanks for joining us have a great day.

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