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VIDEO – Primo Discusses MOU For Exclusive Rights to Sell Rapid COVID-19 Test Kits In Canada + Upcoming Spinout of Marianna Naturals

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 5:52 PM on Friday, October 30th, 2020

Welcome to be on the press release a production of AGORACOM in which we speak to small cap management about their company with us today happy to have him back Richard Cedric is managing director at Primo Nutraceuticals trades on the CSE under the stock symbol P. R. M. O. and 4 friends the US under B. U. G. V. F. now for those who knew the story there’s been a lot going on a lot of re position going on at the company our basic couple these are helping their their their funding the rapid growth of production process retail and branding of cannabis and non cannabis natural health products being important for this off for this purpose that they’ve invested several brands they’re pursued partnerships with retailer distribution companies in Canada the U. S. they got a spin out that’s common they’ve got there M. D.E. L. that’s our medical device License and that’s important because the press release the may possibly talk about today is a Primo signs and amble you for the exclusive rights to sell the rapid Covid 19 test kits in Canada. These are the colloidal gold method Richard welcome back man. Hey thanks for having me great intro right up. Well look Hey that look above the first thing people said people think about when they see something like this is saying all now somebody else trying to get to the Covid19 space but this rapid test it is currently registered with the with the FDA and it’s got its C. E. declaration with with the European community as it are and as has already been operating in China so before we get the details of the deal what is it what do these mean exactly and why is that important to stopping the credibility of you guys bring in have the exclusive rights to this test well the first thing that that we did that brings credibility to us is establishing and getting our medical devices license and our procurement number from health Canada so we could go ahead and and actually import and and submit products like this to help Canada for approval so that’s the first step I mean a lot of companies like Hey I I got this test yet we’re going to be selling it you’re the U. S. with the F. B. through the FDA approval and so forth we’re not we’re not even talking about that we have to be approved first by getting a medical devices license you for health Canada will even look at us so that medical devices license allows us to import and shipped out gloves and N95 masks gloves and testing kits and  it’s only I can go sign up for this.  Articulate behind license first and what allowed us to get the medical devices license is because we had our natural health product number from health Canada which was issued before the medical devices license so there was a trail here leading up to this and it had everything to do with capitalizing on the medical devices license industry given this you know sadly to say this pandemic that is is happening but this is our way of trying to help out in and bring these testing kits to fruition so this particular testing kit was used in during the largest outbreak in China back in February so this test kit has been used by the CDC. It was basically donated to hospitals the CDC distributed in the mostly severe we infected areas and it already comes with clinical trials so the. Health Canada is gonna be requesting any company that is submitting a test kit to have clinical trials and there’s probably about 10 to 15 maybe 20 of them who have submitted a similar test kit or a test kit but not like this because these clinical trials have already been completed almost a year ago where other companies submit application are in the midst of clinical trials so we feel that we’re we’re gonna be out pushed to the top of the line only because clinical trials of already been completed S. all I can is the Guinea pig because it’s sold in other countries already right now once you name those often let’s talk about what that means yeah at present Iran Italy and the United States and other red zone our countries are already using it and obviously coming out of China who seem to be the leader in providing a direction on how to how to combat this cold it will be 19 pandemic is is relevant other companies are actually in the U. S. you know I’ve come up with the product they develop it in the U. S. and now they’re in clinical trial phase right so again we’re idea there behind you technically because this product already has a clinical trials ready to go that’s right that’s right clinical trials of. So part of this is you need to get product license approved by health Canada at that point you’ll have official dealer distribution distributor status with with your Chinese partner you got that M. D. L. we know that so that put you like you said probably near the top do you have an ETA for how long it might take to get this approved by health Canada and and W. W. get even what’s the probability is 5050 is a very high degree of probability what do you guys seeing as investors in the world don’t know you know if these things are getting approved and or what right. Okay so from what we’ve been made aware of is that there’s been one test kit approved so far in Canada and the reason why we and we should be hearing back anywhere from 15 to 25 days as to if we’ve been approved and the reason why we feel that we would be ahead of the line is given our clinical trials right and with that we were do you attain those objectives of of having clinical trials it was a win would you guys submit when you guys submit to health Canada last week it was a couple days after we announce the PR all right so you talk about last. Right. Well it’s October 23 so you talk and let’s say your worst case there are 25 days talk about November 20 give or take time yeah in worst case yeah and mid November we should know if we have or haven’t gotten it I really don’t see why we wouldn’t get it if we are past clinical trial phase but you never know and it’s a high I would say maybe 90-99 percent believe that we might get it because that’s what I’m being told what’s slowing down these companies is that they don’t have their clinical trials completed right right and you guys have got a dispute in the field the target it reduce the rand in Italy in the US over pretty big hot zone so I gotta figure you know health Canada have a problem if they’re already being used there Richard let’s assume you guys got it okay first second half the battle is getting a license like this are you know getting approval getting a partnership  you guys are are teaming up with this you are with with the company is great Neo-Nostics. You get it it’s already go how the other half the battle is how do you make money from it so what I mean by that is if you can answer what’s the marketing plan how do you get this out there with the price points you know what the numbers look like what because you guys I’m sure before you came down this path I’ve probably run some numbers maybe you can give us an idea of where you guys looking at. Okay so numbers wise we have out like like I said we’d be the same the. Product license and distribute their official dealer in Canada there’s 500000 units put aside for us the numbers are pretty big if we’re talking about $50 or 25 to $50 per her up unit you know we’re we’re in the $25000000 range right so around there and I mean the margins are yet to be discovered but gross income that we’d be sharing with Neo-Nostics is north the $20000000 range or all of them all right. Are you trying to be more B. 2 B. are you going to have this you’re going to go up. No that’s. Both. I think right away what we’ll do is contact the distributors that are already you know in that in that framework as well as bring on people to do the B2 B. I mean we’ve got we’ve got actually an ad on indeed for these these types of positions to be filled and we’re doing a financing at $0.10 for $5M to basically be able to follow through with getting these products overboard over over to our shores and then distributed effectively so we’ll be doing a combination of both will let the distributors know that we’ve got this product for sale as well as lead but the large institutions like airports schools and government German agents know that we’ve got this test kit available and approved by health Canada. The research have you start to reach out to them just to kind of you know just in case yeah I I actually in the approval process there was a a section there that basically would let all the German agents know that we’ve been about this particular product has been approved by health Canada all right all right so you know yet what’s the feedback and kind of seeing I’m curious you know are people saying Hey guys once you get this will will definitely want to be taken orders or would use would you stand out we’re we’re talking specifically to schools as well as hospitals and we’re basically getting quoted up 50 thought looking for quotes are 50000 products at a time that’s so far been our largest request for proposal was 50000 units so 10 percent of what are what are actual inventory would be so I think this thing is going to fly off the shelves like one mining company alone which would be interested in a 50000 units because these units are disposable right it’s similar to a pregnancy test your your right **** on the finger draws a little bit of blood and within a couple of minutes you’re you’re aware of what what do you have it or not and there’s a video on the link to the press release of your data shows you how the product works and that’s available for everybody to see it all yeah it was the second to last press release. . But that probably start it went in to add George’s that further back anticipating this we hired a gentleman by the name of Dan Duquette who’s an ex MLB executive and entered the PPE space are a little bit sooner than we did but given his contacts with like you know individuals that are in government positions you know he’s going to be he’s an example of the kind of people that were looking to join the team to help get rid of this casket worker remote the Tuscan. All right so let’s sit back on that that’s a great overview and let’s wait for mid November to see where hopefully you get that first as a Canadian I hope you get that because a citizen would be great to know look I’ve got family I’ve got friends and yelled in in Ontario their backlog 2 or 3 weeks almost doesn’t matter if you get if you get a result now if it’s if you find out you’re positive the but the tells of 2 weeks ago you price front the 0people anyways so right to have it be great to know that these these will be available yeah so and then secondly as a shareholder absolutely right B. you know because so let’s wait till mid November I have our fingers crossed that that happens for both citizens and for shareholders all the other peace news I want to talk about is a pure primo shareholder today or rethinking become approval shareholder you’re going to get our share in Marianna you know what we talk about that and tell us where it’s at yeah for sure so back on April 29 we signed a definitive agreement to help assist beauty kitchen really is the company going to be course public but eventually representing a beauty kitchen so yeah you know we started out on April 29 and at the same time Joel who’s one of our directors was the is the CEO of Marianna he’s been working diligently and so free up pushing this through so it was issued we put out a press release actually yesterday that it retained a transfer agent and has secured its number so that shows that we are very close to this thing trading I think it’ll be trading mid to end of January but you know there’s no reason to wait so yeah basically the ratio would be for every share that you own in primo you’ll get a free share of Mariana and that’s not and that’s saying something because people got a pretty tight share structure right. Yeah we’ve only got that right now we’ve got 10.5m shares outstanding up until January where we will have a total of about 23 to call the 24000000 shares out by mid January so yeah and the mean time you know if we do get this this approval and with only 20M shares outstanding and 6M in the float I see companies with those types of ratios get into the tent you know multiple up 5 to 10 points right so this is at no time to wait on when you’re thinking about getting into the stock that’s only got 10000000 shares in this trading at $0.12 yeah that that yeah that’s fantastic and tells a little bit about the about the business that’s going to be underlying you know the Marianna. We got the bill the underlying business of Marianna to get his beauty kitchen so beauty kitchen is a business that has been around since 2014 she was basically became popular by well I live streaming videos where she was taking products that you find in your  kitchen cabinet and make up you know any type of cosmetics lipsticks and so forth beauty products in general and it took off so she’s developed a line of a product’s Marianna core and beauty kitchen and Marianna’s objective is to add the CBD component to our beauty kitchen’s product line but you know that doesn’t stop the company from possibly doing a a a you know a small takeover of beauty kitchen’s existing revenue shares so that’s something to look at so it’s really you know when you talk about Marianna natural court it’s the subsidiary of beauty kitchen and beauty kitchen is all over the internet for products and so forth so we’ll be all. This is that’s brought into the public company hello hi or the network AV I know I believe about it over a period of time Marianna could possibly become beauty kitchen or vice versa beauty kitchen will end up being the buckle of with depending on how much what percentage is required but similar to what we did with the with thrive wellness 39 percent you know interest is probably something that Marianna might as well might do as well in beauty kitchen. Yeah at some point be great what we do is maybe after November 15 is you know just to corporate data relays out each 1 of these because you guys are you know you kind of funding these companies are investing in summer brand partnerships would be greater because you know the the after after primo went through some good restructuring it’s really starting to set itself up for a winning it all winning structure for 2021 would be great if we agree with that I mean that was the reason for the name change so we can capitalize on not only the THC and CBD market but the natural health market and it just opens up a wide variety of options that we have and even prior to. This acquisition of the up or M. O. U. we announced a cut to press releases to do with the mushroom market you’ll see that David no shot is an individual that has was granted the ability to do research on Gino typing it Kimmel typing of CBD products so now he’s going to come on board with us and do the same type of of research for the mushroom space and hopefully you know we could be one of the companies that gets the second micro dosing license so because we’re a nutraceutical company it’s allowed us to do that and our short term objective. Is is the seat is the PP space and our long term objective is you know sticking to the natural nutraceutical space and you know developing the this I. P. through the psilocybin with David no shot as well as you know with a lot of these marijuana companies you can get get into a project on pennies on the dollar but he’s on the dollar and we’re looking at farms right now which can encompass art sheet C. B. D. and continue on with the P. P. as a nutraceutical company right well great that you got an issue for both the short term like this M. O. U. for the rights of the covert 19 rapid test EDM term yeah like Marianna and and the long term through what you’re doing with the R&D. and the silence of bins and and and the psychedelic side I think that’s a great combination for a small cap company well you know what another thing is to it was pretty critical changing the name to primo and becoming a nutraceutical company because we’re getting contact from trivago’s in the US wanted to piggy back in doing similar what we are doing with Marianna so once we get Marianna through the goal line we’re gonna be doing a lot more spin outs because we was successfully done one and we know what to do because you and I both know lot of companies announced they’re doing a spin out and a lot of them don’t even come through so we want to get this one through the finish line show that we’re a company that actually does what they say that they’re going to do and and and continue on with identifying you know nutraceutical brands that can fall under the cream on on Broadway and primo is a terrific branding name when you consider media. Yes because what do you ask what for when you’re looking for a a a quality product you ask if it’s primo give me the primo stuff baby primo stuff baby now it’s great to know I looked at how to get to know that you got that one as a shareholder that I am sure older people are watching that you’re going to get a one for a one for one spin out that’s just almost too good to give half right we don’t and and and again we just announced that they’ve secured the transfer agent because they received . Nothing says that we are anticipating trading our common shares swiftly in the future than that so yeah right yeah absolutely I mean still has to happen look for the covert 19 does still got to get the health Canada for the spin out that’s going to happen but the fact that they’re both on track and they’re both locked up. On the menu you’re not just taking shots in the dark here which is great I’ll I’ll be honest with you Marriott Corp would be trading by now. But we’ve been you know the rollback caught you know because the delay and all we’re waiting on is basically calling our AGM which is we’re weeks away from that once that happens you know we’re we’re basically at the goal line with the spin out. Set number great 2021 man. 2021 great see the you guys came through some turbulence earlier in the year and now you know you’re really getting the ship on the right direction and can’t wait to have you back Richard. Yeah thanks George appreciate your guys support and again remember we’re out we’re doing a financing here $0.10 so if any of your people are interested I’m sure they can contact us on the website or Regis any by email got a great story I’m assuming you’re in the private placement also means that you’re going to get you know that and that share in Marianna right off get looks like you’re actually securing your your share Marianna because because yeah you’re you’re participating in the P. P. but that is a guaranteed if you did you participate in the PP you secure your position America.  You can watch and or if you listen by podcast to Richard Cindric managing director primo nutraceuticals trade on the CSE under the stock symbol P. R. M.O a fantastic name it’s the Primo name and look if you want more information to get kind of caught up with the story because you’re probably discovery again the company had to go through some restructuring but did a great job of pivoting you know seeing it more problems in the market pivoting out and and really doing some great things now as you heard from Richard self get to court get too bored calm start your research thank god over the primo site do more research there hope you discovered your next great small cap companies thanks for joining us everyone have a fantastic day see you next time.

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