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VIDEO – Kontrol Energy $KNR $ $KNR.c $KNRLF Prepares To Scale Real-Time COVID-19 Air Detector With First Distribution Agreements and $500,000 From Canadian Government $SNE $MSFT $HON $GOOGL $QCOM $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:02 PM on Thursday, December 10th, 2020

Kontrol Energy (KNR:CSE) (KNRLF:OTCQB) is the Google NEST of smart building technology, with the Blue Chip client base to prove it.  As such, when COVID-19 started shutting down buildings, arenas and complexes, their announcement the Receipt Of Positive Lab Results for Live COVID-19 Testing was taken very seriously by the investment community, with the stock smashing through to all-time highs and consolidating nicely in the $3.50 range.

Much of that consolidation came as a result of “impatient investors” who unrealistically demanded immediate and big sales agreements for the BioCloud unit, priced at $US 12,000 EACH.  But KNR CEO Paul Ghezzi and his team know that real success comes from building a real foundation – and they did that in a mind boggling 3 months.  We’ve been in the smallcap business long enough to know that pulling off the following in 3 months is damn near impossible, until now:

DISTRIBUTION – On December 1, 2020 KNR announced Entering into Exclusive Distribution Agreement with United Safety and Survivability Corporation for BioCloud Technology Distribution in North America, Australia and New Zealand. The exclusivity applies to the industries defined as buses, rail and locomotive, subways, ambulances, fire trucks, first responder and military vehicles, with applicable associated facilities in the geography of North America , Australia , and New Zealand . The exclusivity period is 12 months with a six month mutual renewal option and is based on 5,000 units of BioCloud per annum, on a best efforts basis, to retain exclusivity. Pricing will not be disclosed for industry competitive purposes. 

In addition, KNR has also entered into two non-exclusive BioCloud distribution agreements covering Ontario and Saskatchewan.

MORE GOVERNMENT FUNDING –  On December 3rd, 2020 the Company announced that it had received an additional $500,000 in research and development funding from the Canadian Federal Government.  This comes after a $50,000 grant earlier this year.  

PATENTS FILED  – On November 30, 2020 KNR announced the filing of 4 patents for the BioCloud technology with 3 patents filed in the USA and 1 patent in Canada .

MANUFACTURING –  KNR has engaged OES Inc. a local design and contract manufacturer in London, Ontario to produce the BioCloud units.  OES Inc. has a long and established history of assisting with the design and manufacturing of complex technology. Initial maximum capacity has been set at 10,000 units per month.

With all its ducks lined up and ready, CEO Paul Ghezzi says Kontrol is now well positioned for commercialization and believes 2021 is going to provide investors what they have long been waiting for.  Well, at least those investors that didn’t think 3 months was an unreasonable amount of time do all of this in.  Everybody else will just have to wait to see BioCloud in a building near them and wonder what could have been.

Watch or listen to this powerful interview with Kontrol Energy CEO, Paul Ghezzi.

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