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Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:27 PM on Tuesday, December 15th, 2020
  • The pandemic has created a new consumer expectation for virtual services
  • Tech company Binovi gives optometry patients a new alternative
  • With Binovi Connect, the company has created a seamless network for vision care professionals to work together

With 2020 becoming the year of the homebody, we’ve all had to drastically reduce our trips out of the house. While it’s been hard on everyone, we can consider ourselves lucky that there were already numerous resources to ease the transition into sheltering in place.

It’s no secret that companies bridging the distance between services like food delivery apps, and 24-hour product distribution have been the trend for a while now. Still, with communities shutting down, many newer services crossed the line from following the trend into being embedded into daily life.

While things like Zoom conferences and virtual personal training have been an infrequent occurrence pre-pandemic, consumers have realized that they’re now mainstream and accepted options to save time and social distance.

Office groups are even doing video-streamed murder mystery parties in place of their traditional in-person Christmas gatherings. It’s a new language of behaviour that we’re becoming fluent in as we continue to adapt to how COVID has changed our lives.

Even as restrictions lift and the curve eventually flattens, it’s hard to see a future without these new tools at consumers’ disposal. For instance, who would want to go back to sitting in a crowded waiting room, when you could simply have an online conference with your doctor? This Binovi Platform allows users to browse from a list of Binovi Providers, schedule appointments, conduct screening, and more.

It’s a shift that has already changed the healthcare industry. Specialist professionals can now maximize their patient schedule and keep appointments as socially distanced as possible. While it’s a handy change of pace, there has already been an opportunity to create a more accessible network to maximize efficiency and accuracy for both doctors and patients.

“Once a training regimen is established, along with a schedule for check-ins and evaluations, users can conduct their own training sessions.”

— Adam Cegielski, CEO, Binovi Technologies Corp.

Binovi offers the patient management resource that medical professionals have been waiting for

With one in four people worldwide living with issues related to vision that go beyond visual acuity, it’s time to address this gap and come up with an effective and efficient way for specialists to meet with patients during the pandemic and beyond.

Enter Binovi Technologies (TSXV: VISN | OTCQB: BNVIF), a best-in-class neuro-visual performance platform designed to test, analyze, track, and report on individual cognitive performance.

Established to enhance how optometrists work with their patients and bring treatment into the 21st century, Binovi is supported by recognized optometry leaders worldwide.

This connection to vision therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists has led the company towards innovative testing methods that patients can do remotely. While in the presence of a professional, patients produce quantifiable data that Binovi can analyze, consult with other professionals about, and recommend the next steps for treatment.

Binovi’s experience with facilitating a channel between professionals and patients has led to the company’s latest telehealth innovation, Binovi Connect, which is a web-based video conferencing solution that connects consumers to vision care professionals focused on concussions, reading skills, and athletic enhancement.

The new application not only gives a straightforward service to both parties, but it provides a network for professionals to consult and collaborate with each other about specific patient treatments. It’s a streamlining of service that gives clarity and peace of mind to anyone who has felt like they might not have grasped everything their doctor has just said.

Patients can easily choose from specialists who best meet their needs, establish a routine with their selected one, and monitor in real-time the results they’ve made. On the other side of things, doctors can see notes from other professionals and collaborate on multiple fronts to create multi-tiered treatment tactics for shared patients.

It’s a program that has countless applications in the healthcare world, but for the moment, Binovi is remaining focused on vision-based therapy. With 800 clinics across the globe already using Binovi’s systems, their market share of the $74 billion a year Visioncare industry will only grow.

To do that, the company emphasizes the program’s ease of use and a clear value proposition. Binovi Connect is incredibly user-friendly, and patients are given everything they need to create progress.

“Once a training regimen is established, along with a schedule for check-ins and evaluations, users can conduct their own training sessions,” says Cegielski.

“This is happening while still under the watchful eye of their healthcare professionals who can monitor the results with session data stored in the cloud.”

Since the launch of this platform, the 800 organizations have created nearly 31,000 users, together completing more than 400,000 active sessions centered around the Binovi Library list of activities.

Niche treatments for niche ailments

When it comes to niche treatments, Binovi offers patients the materials they need as recommended by each doctor for treatment. This could be equipment for equilibrium building exercises or the means to conduct a supervised vision test.

Binovi Coach encourages and empowers patients to confidently complete their prescribed home therapy with clarity and guidance.

The insights from these sessional treatments are then boosted by the program’s AI. Cloud-based session data is effectively merged with data from the clinicians’ past findings, then offered to each patient’s current therapist. This allows each session to produce real-time suggestions, and present immediate resources to each therapist.

It’s a groundbreaking new approach to treatment, that has produced startling results for patients suffering from concussions, binocular vision dysfunction, amblyopia, and countless other afflictions. With Binovi, patients can actively improve dynamic visual acuity, visual reaction time, depth perception, and hand-eye/body-eye coordination.

The framework is already in place for patients to receive the specialized care they need regardless of geography or time zone. Now, it’s just a matter of time before consumer standards for virtual appointments and personal care reach a tipping point. Determining whether someone needs vision therapy, or could benefit from vision training, can start early.

When that happens, Binovi is ready to serve.

So, what’s next for the platform?

  • Migrating offline sessions to Binovi Connect
  • Inclusion of a broader class of providers
  • Support for more languages
  • Release of SDK for integration with other platforms
  • Anonymized data access for research
  • Expecting to launch a Beta version of the app by fiscal Q1 2021

“We are excited to continue to build out a robust telehealth platform as we continue our mission to be the leader in neuro-vision performance technology space.”

Why should investors take note of Binovi?

Binovi’s future innovation opportunities are largely driven by identifying high-value client needs and evaluating each unique opportunity to develop new products and services in the areas of neurotechnology and vision training to support unlocking human performance.

The company’s future innovation pipeline looks like this:

  • Expanding its capabilities within the education sector
  • Partnering with elite athletes, professional sports as well as esports teams
  • Standardizing data collection in the field to create optimized training regimens based on unique profiles, peer groups and custom goals
  • Working with military and law enforcement
  • Treating the aging population and improving performance for those affected by the impact of brain-related diseases or natural aging

Binovi’s innovation milestones from first acquiring Wayne Engineering in 2015 and its educational IP to commercializing its Binovi Connect Platform.

Additionally, the acquisition and integration of the VIMA Rev Strobe Lenses under the Binovi umbrella has provided Binovi with an additional toolset to expand its offering. Developed by Nike’s former Global Director of Vision Science and his team of sport science experts, the VIMA Rev Strobe Lenses are an integrated strobe training system that stimulates neuro-cognition through vision training.

VIMA’s technology is being integrated into Binovi’s product platform, with several orders already fulfilled. Current VIMA Rev strobe users include the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls and the Milwaukee Bucks.

Binovi has had a tremendous year so far, and they’re not done yet.

To learn more about the company, visit their website here.

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