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VIDEO – POET Technologies $ $POETF Closes At Highest Levels Since 2016 On Entry Into Artificial Intelligence #AI Market With Undisclosed Leader In #Photonic Computing

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 7:55 AM on Thursday, January 7th, 2021

When a small cap company enters into a developer and supply agreement with a technology leader in its space AND can’t name the company, that is typically a very good thing.

Understanding the world of Photonics isn’t the easiest thing small cap investors have had to understand.  In fact, it may be the very hardest thing they’ve ever had to understand.  However, given the fact we are the very reason current photonics devices aren’t living up to snuff trying to keep up with our surfing, streaming, binging and zooming – you start to see why understanding photonics and POET Technologies could open up investors to a whole new world.

We went beyond the press release with POET management to discuss its “Entry Into Artificial Intelligence Market With Undisclosed Leader In Photonic Computing”  No, we didn’t understand the title at first either ….. but the management trio on the Zoom did a great job explaining it in terms that are both compelling yet understandable.

Before watching this video, here is some important background information. 

Photonic devices create, detect and manipulate light.  Laser generated light is fundamental to sensing, computing, data and telecommunications, which require the fastest transfer of data possible.

This is where POET comes in.

Why? All the surfing, streaming, binging and zooming we do requires 2 things to happen:

1. Massive data centres filled with tens of thousands of servers.

2. Speed … and we mean lighting speed that requires lasers to transfer all that data fast enough for you not to complain about 2 second latency when searching for weight-loss programs for your New Year’s resolution (We see you).  

Examples of the the biggest trends sucking up all that power and speed in computing today:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 5G and Edge 


Making photonics devices that are reliable is expensive in terms of both capital and labor. Unlike almost every electronic device or component on this planet that has seen their costs drop dramatically over time, photonics cost declines have not kept up with Moore’s Law, with most photonics devices built one at a time. (NOT A TYPO).

The Result? Integration of components at wafer-scale has not been fully implemented even by the largest companies working for the past 20 years  ….. UNTIL NOW

POET has developed a unique, disruptive and differentiating new entry into photonics markets – The POET Optical Interposer™ Platform. Don’t worry if that sounds like a mouthful. All you have to know is that it

  • Enables lower cost
  • Delivers higher performance
  • Across a wide range of applications like those mentioned above

Today’s press release announcing its entry into the “Artificial Intelligence Market with Technology Leader in Photonic Computing”  serves as great 3rd party validation that POET Technologies can open up the AI market for its Optical Interposer Platform.

Watch this great interview with:

  • Suresh Venkatesan, Chairman and CEO
  • Vivek Rajgarhia, President & General Manager
  • Thomas Mika, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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