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VIDEO – Isareli-Based Innocan $ Global Commercialization Begins. Completes Manufacturing Run In Europe For Premium #CBD Products, Commences Manufacturing For USA Markets $ $APHA $ $

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 6:29 PM on Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

2020 was a disappointing one for the once euphoric cannabis industry thanks to the fallout of over-hyped and over-financed companies that failed to deliver on a fraction of their promises.  

The year 2000 saw the exact same thing happen to “dot-com” companies that failed in even more spectacular fashion.  Many investors swore off internet stocks forever.  The smart ones waited to see which companies were real … and the rest was history as we saw the birth and growth of internet companies that delivered real value, products and customers.    

The same is about to happen in the Cannabis space in 2021.  With the market estimated to hit $70 Billion over the next few years, there is very little doubt that winners will be created out of companies delivering real businesses  

Enter Innocan Pharma Corporation (INNO:CSE) (IP4: FSE) and it’s incredible team of accomplished scientists led by CEO Iris Bincovich.   

With Distribution and Manufacturing Agreements already in place for Both Europe and USA, $INNO is now on the verge of Commercializing It’s Clinically Proven CBD Products around the world in 2021.

As a Cannabis investor, why limit yourself to a Company with just one specialty, when InnoCan offers you exposure to both the exploding world of cannabis pharma, as well as, a portfolio of patent-pending and launch ready consumer health products.  

If you believe in the future of the cannabis industry and companies delivering real, value-add CBD products, then watch this interview with Innocan CEO, Iris Bincovich.

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