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American Creek $AMK “Breaking The Sound Barrier” John Newell and Mining Stock Watch $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 8:41 AM on Monday, February 22nd, 2021
  • “Can you see the power it could have when/if it breaks above .40 cents…remember when it broke .10 cents with conviction BOOM!” John Newell, Feb 16, 2021
  • American Creek Resources [TSXV:AMK] has been highlighted by as 1 of 2 listed “opportunities” on their site.

Sector Expert: John Newell

John Newell is a portfolio manager at Fieldhouse Capital Management and president and CEO of Golden Sky Minerals Corp. He has 38 years of experience in the investment industry acting as an officer, director, portfolio manager and investment advisor with some of the largest investment firms in Canada including Scotia McLeod, CIBC Wood Gundy and Richardson Greenshields (RBC Capital Markets). Newell is a specialist in precious metal equities and related commodities, and follows a disciplined proprietary approach incorporating equity research, analytical frameworks and risk controls to evaluate and select long and short stocks primarily from the Canadian small and mid-cap coverage. Many large, midcap and junior precious metal companies use his technical charts. Newell is a registered portfolio manager in Canada (advising representative).
Last week, sector expert John Newell put out a chart showing a possible “Sonic Boom” (as he puts it) in AMK stock similar to what the company experienced when it crossed the 10 cent threshold last year. 

He has updated the charts which are found below.

American Creek Resources [TSXV:AMK] has been highlighted by as 1 of 2 listed “opportunities” on their site. To view the site click here.

The website is headed by John Newell and its mission is as follows:

To identify highly profitable trading and investment ideas in the precious metals, industrial metals, and strategic metals space, to help investors position themselves in a metals bull market that we believe has years of great returns ahead of itself.

While no small feat, we look for selected individual companies in this space that we feel the market has overlooked for whatever reasons and believe they will produce out sized returns, over a reasonable time frame. We believe this because our past ideas suggest it is possible. Starting in 2016 we uncovered, Teranga, Alacer, Atlantic Gold, Aurico, Lakeshore, Auryn, Claude, Dalradian, Integra, Kirkland Lake, Klondex, Newmarket, NovaGold, Premier Gold, Richmont, Equinox, Lundin Gold, Great Bear, Tudor, Imperial Metals and Westdome, to name a few. We did this at times when the timing was seemed unlikely or contrarian. We also had some ones that have not worked out yet, McEwen Mining, Almaden, Oceana Gold, because this is not a market sector that you do not experience some disappointment, or the investment time frame is pushed out a few years.

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