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VIDEO – ThreeD Capital $IDK $IDKFF NAV Climbs To $1.27 But Much More Expected To Come As “Teenage” and “Cub” Investments In The Portfolio Are Just Starting To Hunt $IP $IPNFF $MTRX $RACMF $ $PKKFF $GMBL

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 6:36 PM on Monday, March 22nd, 2021

A lion pride grows by continually nurturing new blood.  While new cubs are born every year and are nurtured for growth, the teenagers are groomed to prepare to take over leadership from the old guard. 

In the case of ThreeD Capital (IDK:CSE / IDKFF:OTCQB), the company’s portfolio might be too young for any old guards just yet …. but teenagers like Esports Entertainment Group (NASDAQ), Peak Fintech Group (Imminent NASDAQ), Loop Insights (Global Partnerships) and ImagineAR (Global Partnerships) are maturing very nicely with their long leadership years still ahead of them according to Chairman Sheldon Inwentash. 

ThreeD Capital prides (pardon the pun) itself on discovering great companies before everyone else … and it casts a wide net to find the best of the best ranging from completely disruptive companies to junior resources and mining companies .  

More importantly, Inwentash’s championship investment style has netted billion dollar exits in the past simply because he isn’t afraid to invest and be patient for markets to catch up to his great early ideas.  Case in point, he points out how he was early into Esports Entertainment Group on the OTC, with the market only now catching up to it as an $18 NASDAQ stock …. that is set to go much higher in the next 2 -3 years. 

As such, it’s like and ETF for ground floor investments that small cap investors would either be unable to find (private) or unable to participate in (early round accredited investors) 

More than just lip service, his last company commanded a market cap north of $1 Billion at its peak and now he’s looking to recreate the same success with IDK – only faster given the great and fast growing technology companies he is investing in. 

Will he do it?  He’s off to a good start so far by quietly making investments over the past couple of years that are now starting to pay off, as seen by his recently reported NAV (Net Asset Value) of $1.27.   

But that NAV is just scratching the surface when you consider the fact his teens have just barely started their hunting phase and he’s adding new cubs just about every week as of late. 

Watch this great interview … because when the king of the jungle roars, every small cap investor should be listening.

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