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Client Feature: Tajiri Resources Client Feature: A New Era of Gold Discovery $ $ $ $

Posted by AGORACOM at 7:52 AM on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021
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Management Has Discovery Record of ~20Moz

Reo Gold Project in Burkina Faso is one of 2 Company making gold projects it its property portfolio.  

  • Maiden Drill Program: 
  • Project Focus: Morley and K4-K5 Prospects  


  • Identified a potential high-grade gold bearing structure of 3-10m width and 400 metres in strike. 
  • MRTC0022’s 11 metres of  8.6 g/t Au including 3 metres at 30.9 g/t Au from 20 metres
  • Previous drill and trench exploration identified high grade gold;  
  • MRTR001(trench) 11m @ 7.97g/t,  
  • MRRC005 10m @ 9.63g/t from 74m,  
  • MRRC040 5m @ 16.9g/t from 33m  

There are clear signs of potential for a high grade near surface orebody similar in nature to other mines in the region. 


A large gold bearing system 4 x 5 km in size with 30,000m of previous drill data guiding current exploration. 

Targeting 20 new zones for exploration follow up that correlate with the following past results  

  • MRRC0047  13m @ 2.47g/t from  
  • MRRB1608  12m @ 3.23 from 4m 
  • MRRC0081  16m @ 1.95g/t from 7m, 
    • 6m @ 2.27g/t from 54m,  
    • 13m @ 2.19g/t from 85m 
  • MRRC0091  10m @ 3.47g/t from 25m 

Additionally, Tajiri will also test another 3-6 highly prospective targets with 1,500-2,000m of further drilling. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: Tajiri Resources is an advertising client of AGORA Internet Relations Corp.

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