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VIDEO – Fobi AI & Draganfly Join Forces To Create Automated COVID Venue Management Solution That Uses Phone To Checks Guest Vitals & Entire Check-In Process

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 4:06 PM on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
Fobi AI Inc.

“I called BS when I first heard about Draganfly’s ability to use my phone’s camera to check all of my vital signs … but when I saw it I was blown away”  ($FOBI CEO Rob Anson)

“Fobi has built the best venue management systems for conferences & events in the world.  We’re honoured to be integrated with them”  $DPRO CEO Cameron Chell

If you’re a shareholder of one of these companies, here is what you need to know about each that makes this technology partnership so powerful:

DRAGANFLY is the creator of cutting-edge drone solutions, software and AI systems that revolutionize the way organizations can do business.  Recognized as being at the forefront of drone technology for over 22 years, Draganfly is an award-winning, industry-leader with TIER-1 clients serving industries such as law enforcement, public safety, agriculture, industrial inspections, mapping, and surveying markets.

They have created multiple successful applications that, for the purposes of this interview, includes their Vital Intelligence products that have been game-changers for universities, corrections facilities, sporting events and large scale conferences over the course of the past 18 months.  Why?  Their software can measure visitors’ vital signs like temperature, cough, and respiratory rate through the camera on your phone or on their drones. 

FOBI is a global leader in providing real-time data analytics through artificial intelligence to drive customer activation and engagement in the brick and mortar space.  From that core technology they have built a technology stack on top of it that is second to none.

They have created multiple successful applications that, for the purposes of this interview, includes their venue management platform that has been deployed at multiple NCAA tournaments, a recent MGM Resorts Championship PGA Event in Las Vega and most recently signed a deal to bring their venue management solutions to the Canadian Hockey League, the world’s largest development hockey league  With 9 Million Fan Visits in 2019

TOGETHER they combined forces in this press release “Fobi Announces Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence Smart Vital System Now Available in Fobi’s Venue Management System for Conferences & Events”.

How big is this combination and how confident are they in its success?


Watch this powerful interview with FOBI CEO, Rob Anson and Draganfly CEO Cameron Chell to find out exactly.

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