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VIDEO – Liquid Avatar Announces First Age Verifiable Metaverse Components With Cannabis and Vegas Partnerships On Aftermath Islands. LA Comic Con “Surprises” Planned For 100,000 + Attendees

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:48 AM on Thursday, November 18th, 2021
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The internet has evolved from Web 1.0 (dot-com read only) back in the 90’s to Web 2.0 (read and write) over the last 15 years to the current emergence of Web3 … which I can best describe as entering the Matrix (for some older investors) OR Ready Player 1 for our younger investors.  

The technical term is the Metaverse.  It’s already a $30B market BUT we haven’t seen anything yet based on the following: 

  • According to Strategy Analytics, the global metaverse market size is projected to increase ~ 1,000% to $280 billion by 2025 from $30.7 billion in 2021 SOURCE  … but we think that’s a very conservative estimate
  • Bloomberg Intelligence believes the Metaverse can reach $800 billion by 2024.
  • South Korea’s biggest asset manager, Samsung Asset Management, recently launched a metaverse fund.


It was always coming but we just didn’t know when because we needed two things to happen – the evolution of technology and acceptance.  

The technology is now here thanks to AR, VR, Blockchain and the rise of NFTs, which Liquid Avatar has been at the forefront of since Day 1.

Acceptance was always a bit more of a wildcard because it is a pretty big shift – but the Covid-19 pandemic was the catalyst that drove the internet to the next stage of its evolution – the ‘Metaverse’ where cyberspace becomes more of an interactive 3D space with commerce and networking alongside content, much like the worlds in popular games such as Fortnite and Roblox,

Roundhill Investments, a major ETF sponsor focused on thematic and sector-specific investing stated “We Believe More Virtual Platforms Will Emerge … New virtual platforms will emerge, and they will likely exceed today’s leaders”


Two weeks ago Liquid Avatar announced that it’s Sale of Virtual Land NFTs in Aftermath Islands Metaverse Went Live .  Though we don’t have official numbers yet, we do know that all virtual land in “Musk Manor” and “Bitcoin Bay” sold out pretty fast, so it’s safe to say that Aftermath Islands is off to great success.

With that kind of success, it’s no wonder $LQID is planning to showcase its Metaverse chops at what might be the biggest Comic Con of the year as we come out of COVID – LA Comic Con – where they were named as the Digital Innovation Partner back on October 26.  Subsequently $LQID announced announced Hosting a Metaverse Mainstage Panel at Los Angeles Comic Con, Featuring Aftermath Islands ..where it will also has over 1,500 square feet of prime floor space that will showcase NFT subsidiary Oasis Studios, Aftermath Islands, comic and graphics art partner Apex Comics Group … and as yet to be announced “surprises”.

This week $LQID added another great element to Aftermath Islands, the first ever age verified islands as follows:

Aftermath Islands Partners with Primo Gardens to Create Cannabis Cove the First Metaverse Island Group Dedicated to Cannabis Sector

Aftermath Islands Partners with Creator to Launch Vegas Island in the Metaverse

These are powerful initiatives because the genesis of $LQID is biometrically verified digital identity … giving the Company a substantial advantage in the race towards building the Metaverse.

If you’re a small cap investor that wants exposure to The Metaverse, make sure to watch this great interview with CEO David Lucatch.

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