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AGORACOM Surpasses 710 Million Page Views From 63.3 Million Visits And 8.8 Million Users. Shatters Industry Engagement Metrics

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 8:28 AM on Friday, February 18th, 2022
*AGORACOM Engagement Metrics Beat Benchmarks By 364%
*AGORACOM Cashless Marketing Program Is 100% Compliant With TSXV, CSE and NEO 

We are very proud to announce AGORACOM achieved another major milestone for the period December 31, 2021, when we surpassed 710 Million page views (81% AGORACOM / 19% Twitter) from 8.8 Million investors that visited 63.3 Million times over the last 13 years. 

These milestones are significant because they continue to demonstrate that AGORACOM is the primary home for serious small cap investors that want to discover their next great small cap investment. We owe much of this success to the following 2 major factors: 

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – Unlike small cap sites and major platforms that struggle with spam, profanity and overall nonsense, AGORACOM has implemented and strictly enforces it’s 6 Rules Of Use that create robust but civilized debate and discussion. 

FOCUS. NOTHING BUT SMALL CAP – Despite the fact we are all in the finance industry, we don’t talk about macro finance, large cap or general economic news.  Investors come to AGORACOM for just one thing – great small cap content .. and they don’t hesitate to show their love for us


AGORACOM small cap investors don’t just flip through pages, they invest a significant amount of time reading, studying and researching our small cap stocks like yours. …. And they do it far more than everywhere else.  Here are the numbers: 


In a recent survey of 357 finance sites, LittleData determined the average number of pages read per visit was 2.0. The average number of pages read on AGORACOM are 9.28, which is 364% higher than the benchmark.  

Moreover, when it came to the best 10% of all finance sites, AGORACOM has them beat hands down as well, with LittleData determining anything greater than 4.1 pages per visit represents the best 10% of all Finance sites. With AGORACOM registering 9.67 pages per visit for a 136% beat, it is fair to say AGORACOM is in elite status for engagement.  


The average visitor to AGORACOM stays on the site for an average of 8 mins 23 secs. To put this into perspective, The Contentsquare Digital Experience Benchmark Report determined an average visit to financial services sites of 3 mins 13 secs, placing AGORACOM engagement 161% higher. Here are some comparables against some of the world’s biggest finance sites: 

AGORACOM              8 mins 23 secs
Wall Street Journal     3 mins 18 secs
Marketwatch               5 mins 47 secs              
Motley Fool                 1 mins 50 secs
FOX Business             3 mins 39 secs             5 mins 53 secs 


The fight for investor attention is stronger than ever.  Within the small cap industry investors are inundated with mountains of information from email to social media.   

Moreover, the small cap industry is now facing stiff new competition for investor attention from the fast rising Web3 world of Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Blockchains.  

It’s enough to make both investors and issuers dizzy. 

AGORACOM overcomes this challenge and wins the battle for investor attention by going the extra mile to create great content. While most firms communicate via “lazy linking” AGORACOM Founder and former lawyer George Tsiolis relies on his communications training to make sure the account management team delivers the following winning variety of content: 

FORM – Blogs, Posts, Tweets, Comments, Videos, Audio, Graphics and GIFs  

LENGTH – Ultra Long, Long, Medium, Short and Micro 

PLATFORMS – YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Search, TikToK (yeah but no dancing!) … and of course our very own  

Watch this concise but powerful 60-second video to get a great glimpse of our industry leading content machine. This unmatched variety in the form, length and distribution of our content removes all the noise for investors while providing clients with a complete digital marketing solution.         


As a small cap company, your cash is invaluable and shouldn’t be used for anything other than operations and growth. You’ll be happy to know The AGORACOM Cashless, Shares For Services Program is fully compliant with the TSX Venture, CSE and NEO Exchanges. As such, it is considered the friendliest comp structure in the entire industry and can be summarized as follows: 

Shares are issued in 5 X $20,000 installments over the twelve month term. 

-Start Date
-End Of Q1
-End Of Q2
-End Of Q3
-End Of Q4 

-The number of shares issued is determined by the share price at each date.  As the issuer share price goes higher, the number of shares issued to AGORACOM decreases.   

-Each issuance comes with customary 4-month hold periods. As such, AGORACOM is a shareholder for at least 16 months (Q4 + 4 Months) 

-Structure means AGORACOM becomes a long-term shareholder that is completely aligned with the Company 

-$0 Cash + the full firepower of AGORACOM 


Massive audience 
+ industry leading engagement
+ industry leading content
+ $0 cash, 100% compliant shares for services  

= Win – Win 

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