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VIDEO – Valeo Pharma (VPH: CSE) (VPHIF: OTCQB) Hits Record Annual Revenues Of $13.6 MILLION … Targeting $150 MILLION By 2025

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 7:30 PM on Sunday, March 6th, 2022
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Valeo Pharma is already a successful, revenue-generating, small-cap Canadian pharmaceutical company that acquires the Canadian rights to commercialized drugs in other parts of the world that don’t have Canada on their radar as a target market.    

This “in-license” business model is ingenious because it means ZERO developmental or clinical risk, which is the downfall of most small-cap pharma companies.     


  • $13.6 MILLION              Record Annual Revenues Up 81% Over 2020
  • $9.1 MILLION                Record 2nd Half Revenues
  • $4 MILLION                   Record Annual Gross Profit Up 186% over 2020
  • $43 MILLION                 Record Financing Through 2021 / Subsequent To Year End 

If you think these numbers are impressive, consider the fact that 3 important factors to their business were only partially launched in fiscal 2021, namely:

●       Each of their transformational products were staggered released, now fully released

●       Insurance & Government reimbursement approvals were staggered, now nearly 100%

●       Corporate Structuring related to staffing and distribution was ramping, now 100%


Despite the ramp up and staggered milestones, this translated into $9.1M in second half revenue for $VPH, which we would easily extrapolate at 150% – 200% for all of 2022 or ~ $23M – $27M in revenue … but that is just our own back of the napkin math with imperfect information.

If you want to hear it straight from the horses’ mouth $VPH believes it can achieve $150M in revenue by 2025.

Commenting on the fourth quarter and record year-end 2021 results, Luc Mainville , Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer stated:

“As expected, the significant increase in Q4-2021 revenues and record annual revenues resulted mainly from the addition of the new products launched during the year. Valeo is now very well positioned to leverage its new corporate and commercial infrastructure to capitalize on the market potential of its existing product portfolio,”

 Sit back, relax and watch this powerful interview with CEO Steve Saviuk.

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