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VIDEO – VSBLTY $VSBY Is At The Center of The World’s Biggest “Store As A Medium” Deals With The Likes Of Anheuser-Busch, Intel and WPP

Posted by AGORACOM-JC at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

VSBLTY is the world leader in Proactive Digital Display™ which takes traditional static digital displays and/or cameras that you see in stores, arenas and stadiums, then adds powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to create real-time display advertising and security solutions the likes of which the world has never seen.

As a result, $VSBY has created the intersection of marketing & security by creating customized video displays that also keep an eye on who is in the store, arena, stadium and any other kind of venue.


Almost a year ago to the day, VSBLTY, Grupo Modelo & Retailigent formalized an agreement to jointly create an international digital in-store media network. Group Modelo is part of the AB InBev family of companies. 

The network will provide real time customer analytics, security & sensor integration in up to 50,000 Modelorama Stores & independent neighborhood bodegas in Latin America.  The tech will appear in Mexico and across Latin America by the end of 2024 with active deployment already underway in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.


The 50,000 store deal on its own is a potential company maker that any small cap company would simply die to have … but in the case of $VSBY it is one of many major initiatives with some of the world’s biggest companies that finds their technology at the center of all of them including but not limited too:

●       Intel Collaboration with VSBLTY computer vision in a metaverse retail experience featuring store as a medium

●       Sensormatic Solutions by Johnson Controls brings a new level of insights to help retailers make better business decisions by combining $VSBY analytics with their data

●       Imbera, the world’s number one commercial refrigeration manufacturer, agreed to collaborate with VSBLTY to market and manufacture innovative video technology on new and existing coolers/freezers found in grocery, convenience and gas stations.

As a result, $VSBY is now recognized for its leadership role in the growing ‘Store as Medium’ paradigm shift, which enables the world’s biggest brands to reach customers when and where buying decisions are being made – in the actual store – while also producing a new revenue stream for the retailers installing these displays.

But that’s not all…

VSBLTY Partners With Farleigh Group To Market Security Technology Throughout EU

What did VSBLTY CEO have to say?

“We are excited to be represented by Farleigh Consultants whose Profile Security roots will enable us to grow our security technology presence throughout the UK and Western Europe. The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to shield properties, buildings, and other venues is transforming security measures worldwide.”

Did we mention Intel? Yes we did and here are more details.

Intel Collaborates with VSBLTY Computer Vision in a Metaverse Retail Experience Featuring Store as Medium

The group has leveraged the metaverse in a unique and interesting way to feature the supermarket and C-Store of the future. The Store-WPP/Intel/VSBLTY collaboration was created as a free downloadable app available on the iTunes App Store and for Android. The virtual experience projects the future of retail and provides a window into what is happening worldwide as the pandemic wanes and retail rebounds.

Want to learn more? Sit back relax and watch this powerful interview.

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