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Posted by Brittany McNabb at 5:05 PM on Tuesday, May 9th, 2023

Imagine a world where you could earn a weekly salary by sharing your personal data with individuals from all over the world. Reklaim is the solution to the longstanding issue of consumer data being amalgamated and sold without their knowledge. As global platforms face fines for breaching consumer data privacy rules, Reklaim provides a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for individuals to upload and manage their data, set their own prices, and receive payments directly to their bank account.


With strict security protocols to ensure users’ data is kept private and secure, Reklaim is the only company in the world providing consumers with access to their data and a weekly guaranteed paycheck.


Overall, Reklaim is a revolutionary way for individuals to take control of their personal data and turn it into a source of income. By using the platform, individuals can not only protect their privacy but also earn money in the process.

… and $MYID is just getting going thanks to the fact the $400 Billion global private data industry is going through a paradigm shifting cycle towards hyper protecting your private data, which can mostly be attributed to:

1. Global government regulations that are forcing platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), brands and data companies to protect consumer data privacy.

2.  Big tech companies reducing access to core data that the industry depends on.

3.  Major lawsuits that are already being filed against everyone from Fortune 500 to Big Data Brokers, which now include:

  • Meta $5B
  • Didi Global $1.2B
  • Amazon $877M
  • Instagram $400M
  • META €390 million Irish Data Protection Commission
  • Whatsapp $266M
  • Google $170M
  • AAPL €8M fine in France
  • Tik Tok €5M in French privacy case
  • Clearview AI €20M

The global private data industry is undergoing a significant shift towards data protection, which is reflected in the fines imposed on global platforms for violating consumer data privacy rules. In addition, big tech companies such as Google and Apple are restricting access to core data that the industry relies on. As a result, the supply of data is rapidly decreasing, leading to higher prices.


As of January 1, 2023 – You cannot market to individuals unless you have explicit opt-in when it comes to sensitive personal information. Sensitive personal information covers a variety of categories ranging from location, health, ethnicity, and sexuality.




Due to the emergence of new global data privacy laws and consequential high-profile legal cases, the largest consumers of consumer data are seeking “consented data” similar to what $MYID can provide. This has led to an impressive list of clients (some of the biggest in the world) that would make any small-cap company envious.


In 2022, $MYID achieved record financial results, with FY revenue increasing by 136% to $2,361,110 from $1,000,200. Q4 2022 revenue grew by 58% to a record $718,730 from $454,585, with gross margins improving by 87% to -6% for the year ended 2022 compared to -44% in 2021. Recurring revenue also grew to 86% for 2022, compared to 73% in 2021.


Reklaim continued its impressive growth trajectory in Q1 2023, with revenue growing to $728,304, an 86% increase over Q1 2022. The company expanded the sale of Reklaim data internationally starting with Canada, with recurring revenue at 91% in Q1-2023, up from 70% in Q1-2022.


The platform revenue, representing 74% of total revenue, grew by 115% compared to 2022, while operating expenses were reduced by 60% in Q1-2023 compared to Q1-2022.


Reklaim CEO Neil Sweeney said, “With recurring revenue now at 91% and operating expenses down 60% year-over-year, we are positioned well for a profitable 2023.


The global data market continues pivoting to consumer inclusion and privacy. Reklaim is positioned to take advantage of this massive opportunity as Fortune 500 brands look to replace historical data providers with ones that can adhere to new privacy standards,” said Sweeney. “We look forward to continuing our growth and profitability trajectory in Q2 and 2023”




Just like how artists like Britney Spears and Kanye West get paid every time their music is streamed on platforms like Spotify, consumers now have the right to get paid every time their data is used by big companies. Reklaim is a platform that plays your data, similar to how Spotify plays music, and gets you paid for it. $MYID is the only company that allows consumers to access their data, set permissions, and receive a weekly paycheck for selling it. Reklaim then offers this “consented data” to big companies that are willing to pay for data that won’t result in costly lawsuits


Reklaim has over 320 million user data profiles in its ecosystem from ~ 30,000 partners and distributes its data to 15 of the largest data marketplaces in the world, giving it a unique advantage over others in the space. As Fortune 500 brands look to replace historical data providers with those that adhere to new privacy standards, Reklaim is well-positioned to take advantage of this opportunity.


Consumers can sign up at to view their online data for the first time and use Reklaim to receive a guaranteed weekly paycheck for their data.


Now sit back, relax, and watch this interview with Reklaim’s CEO Neil Sweeney!

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